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Our Singapore-grown independent agency is made up of strategic thinkers who unearth insights to help you and your brand build better relationships with your consumers.
From conceptualisation, creating to amplifying effective executions, we use an integrative approach and pride ourselves in
3 key pillars
Our strategic tool in
Our integrative approach
in creation & curation.
Our thread in unifying
brand experience.


The strategic thinkers, creative analysts and brainstorm artists who unearth insights to help you build a relationship with your consumers.

Teo Hon Wui

Strategic Integration Planner

Jeff Ng

Strategic Integration Planner

Esmeralda Putri

Human Resource Manager

Shirley Low

Digital Media Planner

Adeline Khoo

Account Director

Cindy Tong

Account Director

Jawenn Lim

Marketing Executive

Evan Sim

Marketing Executive

Jessica Lim

Marketing Executive

Indy Leng

Lead Developer

Ler Hui Min

Senior Interactive Graphic Designer

Jack Goh

Graphic Designer



"Professional, fast reply, understand your needs, give constructive ideas & work around your budget to get the job done efficiently. Mashwire is easy-going & sincere. They do not beat around the bush, just focus on developing our website in the way we wanted it to be. And the best part, Mashwire is always very patient with our amendments. Recently Mashwire has taken over our Google adwords from the previous service provider and leads generated have obviously increased just within a month. Definitely would recommend Mashwire to everyone." Johnny Yeo Founder, Fitness Bravo
"Mashwire's creativity and innovative solutions have transformed our vision and stories into successful campaigns. They are amazing to work with and have the gift of bridging purpose and deliverables very well." Sharon Cheong-Paduch SVP, Head of Group Marketing, SPH
"My consulting company engaged Mashwire to help design my company's website with an e-learning platform for my clients. His team integrated different features from various vendors, customising them and ultimately enabled the website to provide an engaging user experience for our clients. Through the process, I have also learnt some website design features, tips and insights from his team. Thanks to the team!" Eugene Jang Director, AcTrade Advisory
"I've worked with Mashwire in my past few roles and they have always been a pleasant team to collaborate with. Understanding the client's needs, working around client's constraints - be it regulatory, legal or financial, and achieving deliverables on time are just some of the things I like about working with Mashwire. On this MiSight project at SuperPark, I wanted to incorporate elements of fun and games into the educational panels to raise awareness on myopia management and Mashwire has delivered on that in a short time frame." Sit Meifang Marketing Manager, CooperVision Singapore
"I have worked with Mashwire team for several key campaigns and I have found them to be very knowledgeable, responsive and definitely committed in driving every initiative in the effort to promote my campaigns' objectives. I was impressed with their level of service and definitely would highly their work! A valued partner indeed!" Chang Mei Yee Brand Manager, Malaysia Dairy Industries
"Expect loads of pleasant surprises when you work with Mashwire. An energetic and enthusiastic team; which takes ownership of your brand and baby it like theirs. Creative and daring, yet always remain professional. You can be sure your brand is in good hands." Alex Tan Senior Sales & Marketing Manager, Kaimay Trading
"Mashwire has a small but dedicated team that definitely punch above their weight! I had an amazing experience working with them and their passion and dedication to each project is very apparent." Nat Ho Celebrity Entrepreneur & Founder, Love Bento
"Working with Mashwire, they had demonstrated a consumer first approach, creating an engaging content eco system that integrates seamlessly into the identified consumer journey. It was a great experience working with Mashwire! Looking forward to work together again in the near future." Sary Cheong Marketing Manager (Dulux), AkzoNobel Paints Singapore
"The team was very accommodating even though there were delays on our end in providing some of the materials for our website. Thank you to Jeff and the Mashwire team for the good work!" Tham Ying Wai Founder, Merely Ice Cream
"The key reason why we have a long standing partnership with Mashwire is because Mashwire has always been customer-first, not Client-first. Ready to point out client's blind spots which to us is a big value-add. As a client, I want agencies with expertise in their own rights to teach us what we may not know, and what we don't have time to constantly get updated on especially in the digital space. Mashwire is definitely one of those agencies I want to continue working with." Josephine Lee Chief Marketing Officer, ASIA at LIXIL International
"It's been wonderful working with Mashwire. Their level of energy, promptness and understanding of the business and digital marketing is amazing. They have shown terrific attitude and always a willingness to improvise, in the spirit of a greater campaign." Celyn Huang Group Brand Manager, Nestlé Infant Nutrition
"Mashwire has done a good job in bringing Strongbow mini cans launch campaign to live, from concept ideation to execution on the social and digital front. They have also managed on-ground events as well, taking care of every detail as is the case needed for events to run smoothly. The enthusiasm that the team showed while working on the project gave me confidence that they will deliver." Raine Lim Brand Manager, Asia Pacific Breweries (Singapore)
"It's been a great journey working with Mashwire team. Being a young and dynamic team, they have shown great enthusiasm and seek to first understand both customers and business's needs before developing an integrated campaign. Our campaign has shown great results and looking forward to working with the team in the future." Gan Sok Hong Senior Product Manager, POKKA
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