ARe you at Sixes and Sevens about Rapid Tech Development?
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Mashwire’s got something new brewing, because reality is no longer what it has been, and in 7 years, reality will definitely change from the way it is now.

Augmented Reality (AR) is a result of rapidly advancing technological developments, and it is undeniably reconfiguring our reality. With its ability to add 2D or 3D digital content into our surroundings via mobile devices and tablets, AR can be accessed by a large number of people – nearly anyone, anywhere, 24/7, as long as they have a smart device.

According to Statista, Singapore’s smartphone penetration of 78% points to it being a leading country for smartphone use and engagement. While Singaporeans most often use their smartphones to access search engines, as well as for being on social networks and watching videos, the frequency and intensity of their smartphone usage opens up tons of opportunities for brands to engage their consumers.

From a marketing point of view, AR releases much potential for creative, immersive experiences and content that can be suited for any brand and any occasion. AR is able to enhance a consumer’s experience of the world around them, and present consumers an entirely new, alternative world to discover and interact with, via image recognition and touch.

You might have experienced the wonders of AR in these 7 AR applications, from Volkswagen AR car manuals, Google Glass, Hololens, Pokámon Go, to smartphone applications such as Snapchat and Instagram, and the IKEA Place app. With Spark AR, an augmented reality platform for Mac & Windows, it is increasingly easier to create AR effects for mobile cameras, and apply them on both Facebook and Instagram.

Other than AR, there’s also Virtual Reality (VR) and Mixed Reality (a blend of AR and VR). Did you know that more than 7 X $4 billion will be invested in Virtual Reality (VR), AR and Mixed Reality (a blending of VR and AR) technologies by 2020?

Brands in Singapore are already starting to utilise AR in their campaigns. To get a better sense of how you could apply AR to your brand, have a look at how Mashwire championed AR for Magnolia:

AR was deployed on static advertisements to provide answers to questions most often asked by kids, in the form of animation videos. This facilitated content and storytelling for Magnolia’s pre-developed launch campaign concept of Smart Kids, Big Questions. All in all, the campaign garnered high impressions and high engagement rate both online and offline, and this also contirbuted to the high trial rate of the newly launched product. The campaign was also recognized by the industry experts as the finalist of Best use of Technology in both Marketing Events Awards and PR Awards.

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