Brand safety: Should you care?
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What is brand safety?

Now that there are more extremist content and fake news circulating around the internet, the risk of ad misplacement is becoming more apparent. Many advertisers purchase ads to reach their goal of reaching their audience demographics so in programmatic advertising, impressions can be sourced from a huge volume of inventory held by ad exchanges and networks. This means that there is limited control over what context the advertisements will appear in.

According to a collaborative study called “The Brand Safety Effect” from Magna, it was revealed that ads appearing near negative content result in a “2.8x reduction in consumers’ intent to associate with these brands.”

A series of crises has led to Google updating its AdSense policy that avoids website that “misrepresent, misstate, or conceal information.” Reddit has started pulling programmatic advertising from conspiracy theory threads. YouTube committed to giving brands more control over where their ads appear and its move made ‘demonetisation’ the word of 2018.

Despite media owners’ shift to implementation of programmes to assuage fears of brand safety, here’s what you need to know to protect your brand.

1. Define what brand safety means for you

2. Know where your digital banners are served

3. Choose a reputable agency

4. Avoid blacklisted publishers

5. Pay for ‘safe’ environments – it’s worth it

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