Types of Influencers and How To Use Them For Your Marketing Campaign
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Types of Influencers and How To Use Them For Your Marketing Campaign

At Mashwire, one of the first steps of our influencer marketing strategy is to match the brands and their communication objectives to the right selection of influencers. Hence, we adopt a segmentation approach where the influencers are generally categorised into 4 different categories:

1. Celebrities

Celebrities are influencers who have achieved recognition or fame through non digital channels. Think athletes, TV personalities, musical artists, and more.

Local Celebrities: @BenjaminKheng, @MichelleChong, @Carriewst, @ohhowstrange
Opportunities: Provide mass reach and can insert a brand into the cultural conversation

2. KOLs (Key Opinion Leaders)

KOLs are creators who have become popular because of the content they produce for their online communities, typically on social networks.
These creators need space to speak creatively and authentically to their audiences as they’re first native social communicators first.

Local KOLs: @Xiaxue, @Bellywellyjelly, @DanielFoodDiary, @Jianhaotan
Opportunities: Tend to have higher engagement rates than celebrities. They have a strong focus on authenticity and are rarely duplicative in the audiences they reach

3. Catalysts

Catalyst creators are influencers who are up and coming, but still exploring and finding their voice. Their content creation may be inconsistent as they are still trying to settle on the genre or concept of their brand.

Local Catalysts: @iamjiaen, @clairejerdek, @novitalam
Opportunities: They are more affordable and there is an opportunity to work with them in a long-term partnership

4. Seeders

Seeders are creators who, though they don’t currently have the mass reach or scale, are nevertheless credible regarding a specific topic or genre, or in a particular local area.

Local Seeders: @instagramafong, @tylerlimqj
Opportunities: They offer an affordable opportunity to reach niche audiences, demographics and locations and are cost-effective

We know that selection of the influencers is the first and important step to an influencer marketing campaign (find out more about influencer marketing campaign strategy here) and now that you are aware of the opportunities, explore influencer marketing with Mashwire to avoid the pitfalls.

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