Content Marketing: Identify the best content format for your brand
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Did you know that any creation and sharing of online materials is considered content marketing? Every content format receives varying levels of engagement and the best approach would be to keep experimenting with content formats to engage your audience and boost social media followers. In this article, we cover 5 content formats that brands can use to engage their audience:


As the famous adage goes, a picture shows a thousand words. A photo depicts an activity, an object, a situation or an emotion. They are the visual representation to help viewers or audiences with the story that you are telling. Photos are widely used on many platforms such as websites, social media and even on blog articles. The various image types a marketers can experiment include photos, infographics and comic strips. Check out instant experience ads Mashwire created for our client to make static images come to life.


Do you have statistics to share with your viewers but unsure on how to present them? Complicated data and numbers can be broken down to bite-sized content with infographics and be shared across websites, blogs and social media, mostly on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Charts, graphs, diagrams, icons and more are examples of infographics to help viewers to understand hard information in a quick and easy manner. For example, using charts to showcase trends, graphs for showing comparisons, and diagrams help to show the relationship between the subjects.

Videos / Reels

Videos are a social media darling. According to The Social Shepherd and data collected by Statista, there were an estimated 3.37 billion internet users consuming video content in 2022. Videos are no doubt surging in popularity and it is a powerful content material for telling a story. Besides reels and long-form videos, livestreams and webinars are also content types that marketers can use for engagement, interaction and attention.


Some social media posts may contain more than one photo or video. Such posts are called carousel posts. This is a great way to break down the entire message to more than one image or video instead of condensing them into a single page. By breaking or listing the points out, it allows viewers to understand your message better instead of squinting their eyes to read the text off the image.

Blog Articles

A blog post is a piece of informative text that covers a particular topic or subject. Blogs could be a guide, a new piece or an article. Sometimes the article may consist of images or videos to assist in illustrating the point of the topic. Blog articles are useful to readers when they need more explanation to increase their understanding.

Keywords are a strong weapon of choice in targeting your target audiences as it helps them to understand their specific needs in the article. These posts can be published across your website and shared via social media to gain more awareness and engagement. It may even contribute to your business revenues especially when they are considering making their purchases.

In fact, this article is also a piece of content material

Content needs to be at the heart of your marketing strategy. However, what’s more important is identifying and understanding the type of content that resonates with your viewers, and the creativity in creating them to engage them.

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