Facebook Instant Experience Ads – Best Practices
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Have you tried out Instant Experience Ads (previously known as Canvas Ads)?

These dynamic and interactive ads are not only able to capture the complete attention of your audience but they will also bring your audience into your story. Are you ready to try them?

You can create an Instant Experience from the publishing tools section of your page or using Facebook Ads Manager.

Tip #1: Make the feed visual attractive with an eye-catching copy, buttons, and video!

This is what your audiences see before deciding whether or not they want to interact with your Instant Experience ad. Make it very attractive.

For Stamford’s Instant Experience ad, we managed to entice consumers to click in to get to know the top 5 most popular dish that Singaporeans must have at their parties. This is information that many would be interested in, especially when planning their party.

Tip #2: Use at least one video

We recommend using videos in the ad as they will auto play once the user has clicked into your ad. Make it attractive, don’t forget to use buttons, sounds, attractive copy to retain attention.

For Gardens By The Bay, Mashwire utilised the cinemagraph effect to bring to life some still photographs which autoplays when the user clicks into the ad.

Tip #3: Never forget the CTA buttons

Never forget to add a CTA button whenever appropriate. And include a link to photos if possible.

Notice the instructions on this Nestlé NAN Growing Up Milk ad? They help to guide the users to the end of the ad and also fulfil the objective of clicking into the website to discover more.

Facebook Instant Experience Ads – Best Practices

Tip #4: Use texts or arrows to guide users

Sometimes Instant Experience ads can be a little confusing for those who are not as tech savvy. You can guide them with words like “scroll down to…” or “Swipe left!”

Tip #5: Plan a storyline

Know your objective and keep to it. While there are many features, keep the experience simple to fulfil your objective effectively. If it gets too cluttered, users may choose to exit the experience prematurely.

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