Be The Master of Google’s Landing Page Quality Score
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If you are running a small business, transitioning from Above-The-Line (ATL) activations to Google Ads can be a challenge. In the digital space, every user’s journey with the brand starts with an ad click. As such, ad relevancy plays an important role in getting that successful conversion. This is determined by Google’s Quality Score, where it estimates the relevance of your Google Ads, keywords and landing page. Campaigns that are assigned a higher Quality Score results in lower costs per click and are ranked higher in the search page.

To obtain a higher Quality Score, these are the factors that need to be considered:

  1. Landing page experience
  2. Expected click-through rate
  3. Ad relevance

What is a landing page experience?

Google algorithm determines the landing page experience by corresponding to the ad quality. A series of automated backend systems and human evaluation is gone through to define the overall landing page experience. This page experience eventually affects your Ad Rank and therefore Ad Position and Cost-Per-Click (CPC). Hence, landing page experience has to be aligned with user’s experience and expectations in order to achieve the best results for any given budget. Read on to find out how you can improve your Google Ads’ landing page experience.

Be attentive to page speed

A page that has shorter loading time has a lower bounce rate and users are more likely to retain on the page. Based on Google, a loading time such as three seconds has a higher average bounce rate than a page with one second of loading time. The likelihood of conversions will also decrease when page loading time is longer.

Gear up your page for mobile

Google places emphasis on creating an overall smooth mobile experience for users. Advertisers need to ensure that the landing page is mobile-responsive and optimised when users click on the mobile ad. This can be done by ensuring that the web page is concise and readable and the information is organised in a structured manner.

What you click is what you see

Ensuring relevance between communication messages is a must between pre and post click experiences. Many small businesses make the mistake of not ensuring the ad and the landing page are of the same content. Maintaining consistency in delivering the message from the ad and landing page increases the likelihood of user retention.

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