2019: 5 Creative Design Trends to Watch
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  1. Memphis

    ‘What’s Memphis design?’, you may ask. It’s a style that was a result of a rebel against the uniform, slick, miminalist aesthetics of the 70s. Be prepared to spot striking geometrical figures, bold color palettes and unconstrained design.
    2019: 5 Creative Design Trends to Watch

  2. Nature

    As more people are aware of the harm caused by the use of social media, we’re tuning back into nature with much more consumers looking for natural and sustainable products. This is especially so in the wellness and beauty industry. We’re expecting to see more aspirational images with natural elements and celebrations of holistic wellness.

  3. Bold Colours

    Bold colours are not going anywhere. Colours are expected to be even more courageous and supersaturated. Are you bold enough to take own it like how we have in our 2018 Mashwire Chinese New Year packaging?

  4. Gradients

    Like bold colours, gradients are here to stay in 2019. With big boys like Apple and Instagram still using gradient in their branding, we think it will continue to stay and ignite a sort of nostalgia in the modern day millennial.

  5. Animations

    In marketing, storytelling is important and if an image can tell a thousand words, then what more an animated video? Small animations on websites, advertising or in app design can make users interact more with you and what you are promoting. Did you know that you can now upload a gif as your Facebook profile photo?
    Check out these Instagram stories that we animated for Gardens By The Bay!

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