Growing Your Brand in an Age of Uncertainty
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We are currently still in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, where the physical world looks similar yet different. It has changed how consumers are behaving in all areas of life, such as the shift in media consumption and a surge in e-commerce. Hence, it is important that brands learn how to navigate through these challenges.

How do we prepare for this uncertainty – where marketers are likely to face more difficult decisions? Read on to find out more about how you can grow your brand during this challenging period.

1. Factor Uncertainty into Brand Planning

Acknowledging uncertainty is an essential part of planning. Brands could identify a range of possible outcomes and scenarios and learn how to tailor their strategy accordingly to each situation. Out of this, you may even develop innovative solutions that keep your brand in a proactive position. It is pivotal to understand how to balance both short and long-term strategies. We need to focus on our short-term strategic priorities, while also keeping a look out to the future to evaluate our recovery and growth strategies.

2. Pivot and Grow it into Your Strategy

Focus on the opportunities and learn to build them as positives to evolve your long-term strategy. For instance, many in-person events were cancelled due to Covid-19. As in-person events were huge sources of generating leads, this became a devastating reality for many. However, some forward-looking brands learnt that in-person events were costly and reallocated those funds to meet the current needs of consumers instead. Therefore, it is not just about changing strategic goals but also tapping into areas of your business which allows you to keep going despite the changes and challenges faced. By doing so, your brand can achieve growth, which provides a solid foundation to adapt and pivot.

Nestle Nan has tapped into the audio-marketing trend during this period, by creating a bedtime story podcast on Spotify which helped to relieve parenting duties with just a click away.

3. Learn How to Use Your Brand’s Voice

Based on a global survey conducted, findings revealed that 77% of respondents said they are interested to learn more about how brands are adapting to the new everyday life. In other words, consumers are seeking advice and inspiration during such challenging times. It is essential to tweak your brand voice in order to spark conversations and build authentic connections with your consumers.

During the circuit breaker in Singapore last year, it left many people feeling anxious and isolated from their loved ones. Yeo’s Moments Campaign was launched to inject a sense of excitement, such as encouraging the nation to co-create happy memories using Yeo’s AR filters during National Day.

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