NESTLE NAN – Influencer Program
Parenthood is a difficult journey especially for first-time parents who do not know what to expect. Nestlé NAN saw the opportunity to create an Influencer Program to build a parent community, allowing parents to help other parents via experience sharing and supporting one another.
The brand wanted an influencer campaign that was different and unique. For this campaign, we actually engaged influencers who are believers and advocators of the brand. We have identified their struggles and difficulties as parents and created educational and fun activities for them. With this program, the brand wants to bring all the NAN parents together, through sharing their love for the brand and parenthood experience. Firstly, a group of micro to macro mummy influencers were engaged to be a part of this community. The influencers are encouraged to share their parenthood experiences and talk about how Nestlé Baby Club Singapore has helped them in this journey. They will then create content to interact with their followers and encourage them to sign up as a member of the club as well. Parents can be part of the community to receive parenting resources, nutritional expertise advice, and exclusive promotions and events. The influencers will also share the current promotion NAN is having and lead the followers to their e-commerce site to purchase. The community is created to help support their parenthood journey.
Due to COVID-19 so a physical meetup session was not possible, so we have specially created an e-meet the expert session for the influencers. The e-meet session was moderated by a childhood educator with a dietitian as a guest speaker. During this session, the influencers and experts had the opportunity to discuss childhood education and nutrition. The influencers are able to consult the experts on the difficulties they faced with their children. After that, they can share the knowledge learnt during the session with their followers. This is to help parents who are struggling with the same difficulties as well. Furthermore, with audio playlist as a new trend, together with the influencers, the brand has created a bedtime story podcast on Spotify for parents to engage with their children during bedtime. The playlist is to help relief parenting duties by just a click of a button away. Throughout this program, the influencers are encouraged to share their journey of parenthood as well as tips and tricks to help motivate and support other parents as well as make their journey more enjoyable.

December 2020

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