FAREAST MALLS - SHOPFarEast In-Mall Posters

Far East Malls consists of a portfolio spanning 17 malls with more than 700 tenants. The series of in-mall posters was to help communicate the offerings of the shopFarEast Loyalty Programme and corporate privileges. A loyalty program is a marketing strategy to encourage customers to continue to shop and dine. We integrate our understanding of the Loyalty Programme Expectation with OOH effectiveness & Shoppers’ Insight to create and curate a series of effective posters.

This creative direction put together 3D design and the concept of transversing the shoppers into the app. The rectangular 3D space visually represents our mobile phone and when shoppers log onto the app, they instantly walk into a colourful world of shopping spree with great rewards.

Vibrant colours are used to highlight the emotional vibrancy and enthusiasm, providing the energy to carry out your shop and dine activities at Far East malls. We inject dynamism & fun through colours without losing the elegance. A split of colours within the 3D space speaks to the subconscious mind of the consumers on the variety of benefits that the consumers can expect from the program.

We guide the consumers to download shopFarEast by providing them cues, keywords and guide to action they are looking for upfront through the exposure of relevant messaging and visual cues. QR codes are then included at the bottom of the posters to allow shoppers to easily scan and download the app.

March 2022

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