OCEAN HEALTH - Liver Detox Aid Product Launch

Ocean Health proudly introduces Liver Detox Aid, a revolutionary supplement crafted to nurture healthy liver function. Tailored for individuals grappling with fatty liver or those with regular alcohol consumption, this product leverages a unique blend of natural botanicals to foster optimal liver health and detoxification.


Our strategic initiatives stem from an in-depth understanding of consumer perspectives, prioritizing their informational needs and visual preferences. At Mashwire, we embrace a consumer-first approach, meticulously designing the key visual (KV) to enhance relatability and captivate attention effectively.

Creative communication strategies were employed to accentuate the potency of our formula, highlighting key elements such as liver health and the energy of young working adults. Through the inclusion of male and female protagonists exuding vitality and dynamism, our visual narrative resonates with the target demographic, fostering a personal connection.


In our KV, a metaphorical representation of the product emerges from the top, symbolizing its transformative impact on liver health. A clear tube, prominently featured within the visual, serves as a transparent vessel, vividly depicting the product's detoxifying prowess as it clears the liver of impurities.


Furthermore, to spotlight the product’s unique selling proposition (USP) – the four Natural Botanical Herbs – we integrated images of each ingredient into the KV. This not only underscores their natural origin but also emphasizes their specific functions in liver detoxification.

Complementing our creative endeavors is a comprehensive media kit, offering recipients an immersive experience with the botanical ingredients integral to our formula. Through tactile exploration and firsthand engagement, consumers gain a deeper understanding of the natural essence underpinning Liver Detox Aid.


To accentuate the essence of "natural" and highlight the product's key selling point of "4 Key Botanical Herbs," our approach aimed to transport recipients into a botanical haven. We began by conceptualizing packaging reminiscent of bouquet carriers, offering a glimpse of the contents through side openings.


Upon unveiling, recipients discovered a meticulously crafted flower pot made from paper leaves, artfully arranged to resemble a floral display. Nestled within this arrangement, the product took center stage, accentuated by surrounding paper leaves and sachets containing the four essential ingredients. Authenticity was paramount, with each sachet containing real ingredients, reinforcing the product's commitment to natural efficacy.


To foster interactive engagement, we devised a miniature activity allowing recipients to create their own floral arrangements using the provided paper leaves and ice cream sticks, further immersing them in the botanical experience. Not only does this interactive experience foster a sense of involvement, but it also amplifies the allure of the item, compelling recipients to cherish it as a daily memento. In doing so, the co-creation element magnifies the desire to retain the media kit as a display item, ensuring that it stands as a constant testament to the virtues of Liver Detox Aid and its benefits.


In tandem with these efforts, Ocean Health strategically partnered with key opinion leaders (KOLs) to amplify our message and drive anticipation. Leveraging their influence, we curated exclusive offers and endorsements, enhancing brand credibility and motivating consumers to embark on their journey to optimal liver health with Ocean Health Liver Detox Aid.

Ocean Health Liver Detox Aid represents a paradigm shift in liver health supplementation, blending natural botanicals with innovative communication strategies to empower individuals on their wellness journey. With a steadfast commitment to quality and efficacy, Ocean Health continues to redefine the boundaries of health and vitality.


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May 2024

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