NESTLE NAN - The Authentic Connections

With growing competition of formula milk brands shouting out on functional benefits and the rising buzz amongst consumers on their concerns of changed packaging and formulation, the brand looked to Mashwire for strategies to build affinity with consumers, encouraging them to try out NAN.

The strategy implemented aims to create a differentiating consideration point and advocacy trigger with the goal to reassure consumers. Adopting the art of persuasion and its techniques, testimonial videos from NAN Mothers were created and curated to amplify the message of the brand being there for mothers every step of the way. These testimonial videos are well differentiated from the competitors in the aspect of authenticity and content. Featuring NAN Mothers who are also users of the brand not only increases the brand’s authenticity, having them share their experiences and advice provides reasons for consumers to resonate with the brand. In addition, a Call-To-Action was crafted to shorten the consumer journey to affirm their purchase intent and encourage sharing via reciprocity.

Through this campaign, Néstle NAN continues to stand by the consumers in their journey of parenthood and reassure consumers that they can rely on NAN to help relieve their pain points when it comes to infant nutrition. With a single-minded message similar to that of their consumers: ‘help our little ones build a strong foundation for the future’, Néstle NAN ensures quality in brand reputation, product safety, as well as ingredient formulation.

December 2021

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