How should brands go about selecting influencers for campaigns
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When brands self-promote their name, products or services on the internet, it can be easy for users to miss out on their content with all sorts of business, big or small, simultaneously advertising on the same platforms. Everyone is fighting to get a space on the digital marketplace and this is where influencer marketing comes in as one of the more popular means of digital marketing, to get their name out there and create awareness. But before you even start to engage with an influencer of your choice, are you clear with the role they are going to play in your overall campaign?

Collaborating with these influencers may not always be for an ad hoc project; brands should focus on building long-term relationships with influencers or opinion leaders that are a true supporter of the brand. If you are able to find influencers who love your brand, do make an effort to build a relationship with them as they will turn out to be great ambassadors for you! Mashwire celebrates meaningful relationships through most of our annual festive seasons, as a token of appreciation to thank those that we have collaborated with in projects. Check out our self-care kit that we have handmade specifically for our KOLs and partners!

The choice of using influencers should integrate seamlessly with your campaign concept and objective. Just picking an influencer solely based on the numbers on their social pages is a common pitfall as they could be portraying inauthentic contents online. Depending on whether there is a need to increase brand awareness, create new content or just simply getting honest reviews from them, different objectives of each campaign would result in different roles given to the influencer. We know it might seem overwhelming to research and select the right advocate that will correctly reflect the values of your brand with tons of profiles and types of them out there. Hence, here are some pointers to take note when choosing your next influencer:

The first step of selection is to find out if their content has a significant influence towards their own audience while also in line with the target audience of your brand. To do so, you could request metrics from the influencers which would usually contain information such as age, gender, location and the interests of their audiences to analyse their profile demographics too. Next, based on what kind of problem you are facing, determine how you would choose the influencer to help in achieving the objective of your campaign. Do you want the criteria for the collaboration to be based on their post engagements, the authenticity of their content, to focus on reach or to ensure that the audience is able to relate to the influencer’s posts?

To help YEO’s refresh its engagement with their target audience and create consumption growth during Singapore’s National Day, Mashwire had to formulate a campaign focusing on reach and engagement for the brand to resonate with customers and increase top of mind awareness. Influencer marketing was chosen as a strategy used to achieve these goals. The criteria was to select a local influencer who was able to create engagement and buzz with their content as well as reaching the right target audience with their social media platforms. Local musicians, influencers and celebrities were chosen as the level of interaction followers have with their content are mostly high and with NDP being a national event, their audiences would most likely resonate with their content when they see them posting patriotic contents too.

In another influencer campaign for Nestle NAN, the plan was to create awareness through sharing and education of first-hand parenthood experiences within a community of parents. Micro to macro mummy influencers were chosen to be engaged as part of the campaign because they themselves are believers and advocators of the brand. By sharing their knowledge and thoughts about NAN to their followers, their content tends to feel genuine, authentic and relevant as they have experienced how Nestle’s Baby Club community has helped them through their parenthood journey. Finding an influencer whose profile resonates with the product or services of your brand would be a good fit for you as their followers would most likely be the brand’s target audience too.

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