Elevate Your Campaigns with Novelty Marketing
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The need to capture consumer`s attention has led marketers to explore strategies in order to stand out in a competitive industry. Among these strategies, novelty marketing has become a conventional way to approach marketing strategies unconventionally.

So what exactly is novelty marketing? Novelty marketing draws consumers’ attention by using creative, unusual, or new strategies. This is to differentiate itself from its competitors, foster talkability, and arouse consumers’ enthusiasm or curiosity towards the brand.

Here are some examples of how your brand can incorporate novelty marketing into your campaigns.

Embracing Elements of Surprise

While all brands want to increase their awareness, the question remains: how can we build interactions and prolong the connection? One of the solutions is incorporating surprise elements, such as lucky draws, giveaways, and contests, all of which generate positive surprise and excitement among consumers. On top of these initiatives, brands can further stand out by using unique and surprising designs in key visuals and promotional materials to grab attention. This not only prompts consumers to take a second glance but also aids in retaining information. Check out our Yeo’s campaign during NDP 2020 and our creative approach for The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf’s capsule launch for inspiration.

Crafting Conversations through Unconventional Content

Novelty content prompts discussions due to how it differs from the norm or traditional opinion of the majority of consumers, making them excited to share it in their social circles. This heightened engagement can lead to meaningful brand interactions, sparking conversations and user-generated content. However, it is important to exercise caution with the type of unconventional content created; the approach should still predominantly focus on maintaining a positive direction to avoid any potential backlash. Our collaboration with Nestle, “A Taste of Pregnancy,” exemplifies this approach.

The Power of Engaging Storytelling

While any brand may create content, what really captures consumers’ attention is material that is intriguing, engaging, and offers them a unique experience. Effective storytelling can be a powerful tool for communicating brand experiences and messages in a way that goes beyond direct selling. Through storytelling, a sense of novelty envelops the brand, setting it apart and tapping into consumer`s curiosity and engagement. Our modern interpretation of Chang’er and Hou Yi during Mid-Autumn is a prime example.

While novelty marketing holds great potential, finding the right balance between novelty and relevance is also crucial. It’s essential that the elements of novelty align smoothly with the brand`s goals and resonate with the intended consumers.

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