YEO'S - Yeo’s Mid-Autumn Campaign
In Chinese culture, the Mid-Autumn festival is a day where families hold gatherings. A full moon symbolizes prosperity, completeness and reunion for the whole family. The round mooncakes compliments the full moon in the Mid-Autumn night sky, signifying the completeness and unity of families. One of the problems Yeo’s face as a brand is the lack of awareness and engagement among the younger generation.
With the modernisation of society, we notice that younger generations do not resonate with Mid-Autumn and its tradition as much as our parents or grandparents. Therefore, Yeo’s reached out to Mashwire to create a campaign to enable younger audiences to participate and share their stories on how they celebrate Mid-Autumn this year, and/or what childhood recollection of this festival is. We created a Yeo’s Rekindle Mooncake Gift-set consisting of Fullerton Hotel’s mooncakes and Yeo’s Mid-Autumn Special Edition 2020 Chrysanthemum Tea 300ml Cans. The concept of the gift-set is to bring families, friends and loved ones together with tasty goodies over Mid-Autumn. This gift-set was gifted to 50 lucky winners for sharing their favourite Mid-Autumn moments. To better relate to the younger generation, the visual language used incorporated modern illustrations with traditional characters, i.e., Yeo’s Girl as Chang’er and Boy as Hou Yi persona. We also did a photoshoot with Yeo’s for social engagement, and created a Rekindle with Yeo’s storyline with Chang’er and Hou Yi to be shared on Yeo’s social media. The series of posts reached hundreds of thousands and received immense engagements from our audiences.
Mashwire created unique Yeo’s Mid-Autumn e-greetings in the form of GIFs and stickers that can be shared through WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and Instagram stories. By cross collaborating with KOLs, these greetings and the hashtag #YeosMoments were shared on social media platforms to increase social media awareness for the brand.

August 2021

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