The Great Brand-Consumer Romance
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Consumers are surrounded with messages and content from over 5,000 ads each day. In the age of the content generation this is no surprise, but it also means that it is increasingly difficult for marketers to win consumers over. Our challenges come in different shapes and sizes as we try to keep up with the accelerating pace of information, understand what our consumers really desire, and market our messages in a way that would reach them.

To this end, one of the greatest solutions ever has been Customer Relationship Management (CRM). CRM encompasses software that helps brands manage leads, clients and consumers, craft targeted marketing campaigns, and the specific strategies to engage and retain consumers. It collects information at various points of contact and synchronises consumer preferences, enabling personalised services and experiences throughout the consumer purchase journey – while simplifying brand responsibilities. In short, CRM helps brands romance consumers in the same way we personalise gifts we know our loved ones will love.

So, here’s how the world has been gearing up their CRM:

The Great Brand-Consumer Romance

Mashwire is no foreigner to CRM.

In fact, our CRM solution for Cetaphil enabled the brand to experience exponential growth in site registration, active users and an increase in average amount of time spent on the site.

We devised 4 key CRM pillars of Trust, Identity, Experience, and Flow that provided a customised user experience along the consumers’ journey, building long term trust and loyalty. We also integrated onground events with online portal while EDMs, videos, games and social media ads were deployed to recruit and engage current Cetaphil® Friends.

On the website, we also added a specially curated Spotify playlist specially for members to enjoy as they went about their skincare routines.

See how we romanced Cetaphil consumers at https://www.cetaphilfriends.com.sg/!
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