How can push notifications marketing strategy boost engagement?
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In the digital age of marketing today, modern day marketers would need to build a strategy to stand out from their competitors. In the intense competition for attention, using push notifications for your digital gadgets or website may be the key to keep your consumers engaged throughout the consumer journey map. However, how many of you actually did click through them to see what the product has to offer?

Most of us enjoy receiving personalised hand-crafted notes. As many of us are different from one another, push notifications are an effective way for a brand to create user engagement. By treating each individual as its own, the brand creates perceived value in customers and thus increases brand affinity.

It is made up of three components which are Logo, Title Description and a Call-To-Action. When a visitor visits your site, they will receive a short message asking if they would be keen to receive notifications for the latest updates and news. Opt-in customers whom click on the notification will be directed straight to the page brands would want them to visit. Hence, the purpose is to re-engage existing audiences through providing quick and interactive tips to users. Check out how Mashwire integrated the use of push notifications in the award-winning NDP with Yeo’s 2021 Integrative Campaign.

Importance of Push Notification Strategies

As many of us know, acquiring new users will cost more than retargeting old ones. Hence, one should not underestimate the functionalities of creating push notifications in your digital marketing strategy. Crafting an effective strategy is crucial to increase engagement in any of your digital marketing campaigns. For brands who do not have mobile applications, creating your own push notification strategy for your web page serves as a good start to building your own push notification strategy. Here are some tips that will help you in increasing engagement and build relationship with your users:

Personalisation is about relevant content

Based on a short survey conducted about push notifications, 61% of users will respond more to push notifications when it is personalised to their preference and behaviour. Marketers have to understand the behaviour of their target audience and segment to individual users so that they create a meaningful push message that makes them keen to click through on the notification to find out more.

Desire creates that sense of urgency

Another push notification strategy to keep users engaged is through the use of limited-time promotions. Some examples of such promotions include offering limited-time discounts or rebates when making purchases during this period. Such promotions are effective in creating a sense of urgency for people to purchase and increase talk and discussions between audience in the digital space.

Don’t push people where they want to be

Lastly, brands should not aim to send out more than an average of 10 push notifications in a week. Though there is no fixed number as to how many push notifications a brand should send out in a week, data from Localytics show a negative correlation between open rates and sending multiple push notifications in a week. Marketers would need to find the optimal range that best suits their target audience through periodic evaluations on their audience usage behaviour. Need help in building your own push notification strategy for your digital website? Contact us today!

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