What makes a good brief?
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Projects don’t just happen. In the corporate business world, projects usually require levels of approval, planning and forecasting before executing the big idea. As such, how do marketers usually communicate their concept to one another?

You will then document the information down on a project brief. It is an important document that outlines what you want to accomplish for that particular project. On top of that, it is to align across various stakeholders on the goals and objectives that were agreed upon. Read on to learn more about them and how you can write a good project brief!

Often times, the brief provided focuses on the deliverables. However, there are some key important factors that agencies have to think deeper to find out more about the perspective and insights of your business, to craft the solution to your challenge. For this reason, here is some key information to include in briefs that will help us help you.

Understanding your target audience

In most business contexts, one important factor to be clarified in the brief is your target audience. The social and campaigns team relies on the information of your target audience to curate their plans and content types accordingly. Stating a brief target audience like masses or everyone makes planning for the campaign too vague as the right audiences might not be captured. Instead, try to describe and emphasise the target audience of your business specifically – their demographics, psychographics such as beliefs and interests, lifestyle and spending power, buying habits allows the agency to do much more research on the type of customer profile they belong to in order to map out their entire consumer journey and target them at the right touchpoints.

Defining a clear and practical objective

The main idea of understanding your objectives is to know what you want to gain from the campaign. For example, do you want to achieve certain target metrics such as conversions, engagement or reach? Or do you want to build a larger group of advocates for your brand? A campaign concept focuses solely on the objective you want to achieve at the end of the day, hence it is one of the key pieces of information that has to be stated before kickstarting the project. Whether is it a brand objective or a communication problem that needs improving, indicate and list as much information in the brief for the teams in the agency to identify any underlying gap and insights.

Campaign budget plan framework

Lastly, it is important for both parties to provide a ballpark figure on the campaign budget in the brief. This acts as an outline to keep your plans in check with a list of resources available. With that, brands and agencies can collaborate together to think of the promotional mix for the campaign and allocate the budget respectively across different marketing communication methods.

With the above key information discussed, are you more clear in terms of key information to be listed in your next brief? Our Mashketeers would be happy to assist you in writing a compelling brief for your next project here!

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