Why 2019 is the year to get started on Audio Marketing
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A what? Yes, you heard us right. Now is the time to start on an audio marketing strategy. Audio is the most intuitive way of communication and far more convenient than written or visual content. One can listen to audio content while doing other task, which makes it such a great experience.

Podcast listenership in the US is skyrocketing. In fact, a study by WARC estimates that the global podcast market could account for 4.5% of all audio advertising spend by 2022. Moreover, podcast audiences are more affluent, well-educated and more committed to the content.

And now, with even more accessible technology and ‘hearables’, the amount of audio-friendly content space is multiplying. With that in mind, if your brand is not thinking about how to leverage on this trend, you may risk falling behind.

With a growth trend that surpasses mobile, you will need to consider changing your strategy to accommodate voice.

1. Think about your brand’s signature sound

Coca cola has done this so well that they launched a print campaign in Europe that dares readers to “Try not to hear this.” What’s the sound that’s associated with your brand?

For one of our clients, Texas Chicken, we were able to incorporate their signature ‘bite-into-crispy-chicken’ sound in the Ma’luck’ Chicken video done by Mashwire.

2. Choose your voice carefully

Siri, Google Home and Alexa all have distinct sonic voice that’s instantly recognisable.

Fun fact: A study by a neuroscience firm found that people of all ages and genders were 32% more likely to react positively to female voices.

3. More than podcasts

Podcasts are not all there is to your audio content strategy. It’s a great start, though. Like written content marketing, you can’t simply buy your audience’s attention. Invest in expert copywriting, be helpful, be entertaining.

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