Is LinkedIn a suitable marketing channel for you?
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Many people assume that LinkedIn is an effective marketing channel that works only for B2B and end up neglecting LinkedIn in favour of other channels. However, with an increasing amount of B2C companies thriving with content on LinkedIn, you’re seriously missing out on the 610 million LinkedIn members globally.

B2B marketing has a bad reputation for being boring compared to B2C because many marketers have little idea about their relationship.

A LinkedIn survey interviewed 600 members and found that

  1. LinkedIn members are loyal brand advocates
  2. LinkedIn members have 2x more buying power than Facebook users
  3. Members are 2x more likely to trust information provided on Linkedin than other social networks

LinkedIn allows brands to build a relationship with consumers by using accurate targeting to deliver content.

On LinkedIn, marketers are able to target users based on job titles, job function, industry, user interest, professional interests etc. Like Facebook, LinkedIn also sells ad space using objective-based advertising. Since September 2018, the platform also introduced dynamic ads that allows brands to automatically serve a creative execution most relevant to the individual LinkedIn user.

Is LinkedIn a suitable marketing channel for you?

Now that you’ve heard so much about B2C marketing opportunities on LinkedIn, you might be wondering if it is suitable for your brand. You’ll need to ask yourself a few questions.

1. Are my target audiences on LinkedIn?

Is LinkedIn a suitable marketing channel for you?

Is LinkedIn a suitable marketing channel for you?

2. Do I have a company page or online presence on LinkedIn?

3. What is my campaign objective?

4. Do I have a content marketing strategy?

Having a sound content marketing strategy for LinkedIn will determine if you will succeed or fail. Reach, frequency and engagement are the key to success so don’t start your LinkedIn marketing without this!

Grab has effectively used its LinkedIn page to share stories consistently not only using their employees to post company updates but also using native videos.

Is LinkedIn a suitable marketing channel for you?

5. Is my marketing strategy an integrated one?

Due to the increased number of channels, integrated marketing approach is the solution for speaking a consistent message to your audience at different touch points. This applies to LinkedIn as well. On this platform where consumers are looking for opportunities and content that can give them an edge in their career, how does your brand value add?

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