Why You Can’t Do Without Integration In 2019
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Integrated Marketing is an approach to creating a unified and seamless experience for customers to interact with the brand. This approach ensures that whether online or offline, your communications are consistent yet relevant to customers at every touchpoint in the consumer journey.

Why You Can't Do Without Integration In 2019

As we move into the fifth month of 2019, there’s something we can’t emphasise enough: the importance of customer experience. A report by Accenture found that 91% of shoppers are more likely to shop with brands that recognise them, remember them and provide them with relevant promotions and recommendations.

Here’s the hard truth – one single message across the entire consumer purchase funnel is not convincing. Today’s consumers expect brands to talk to them as individuals throughout the consumer journey. As an agency who takes a consumer-first approach, Mashwire helps brands identify their big idea and break this down into different messages that is relevant to the different consumer journey.

Many marketeers know that consistent, personalised brand experience across channels and devices will help them achieve greater ROI. With that said, personalised omnichannel marketing is difficult to achieve without a solid marketing strategy.

How to achieve integration?

To achieve this, you will need to have a clear overview of your entire strategy, know your consumers’ behaviour on every different channel and devices. Additionally, you must have a cross-functional team who can guide you using a unifying big idea and watch over every campaign you’re running.

Research tells us that almost half of marketing leaders struggle with digital and physical touchpoint consistency. At Mashwire, integration is a key component of the marketing mix. It’s not an afterthought or a simple add-on after the marketing plan has been decided. For example, our Darlie All Shiny White Supreme campaign managed to reach out to consumers at every touch point of the consumer journey using social media, KOLs and even OOH activations. As a result, the brand received numerous requests on sample redemption and over millions of online impressions.

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