7 Guidelines to Digital Innovation
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Did you observe a certain emphasis in our previous article ARe You At Sixes and Sevens About Rapid Tech Development?

Well, here’s another in the series of Seven:
Mashwire’s Seven Guidelines to Digital Innovation.

Heraclitus, a Greek philosopher, said that “The only constant in life is change.” In today’s climate, it couldn’t be more true. Now, clients aren’t big on events or on campaigns that require events, or any kind of social gatherings – digital is the force of the future. On the consumers’ side, major shifts such as travel bans, lockdowns and working from home, there have been spikes in delivery and e-commerce. Consumer behaviours have been greatly impacted, and it’s an uncomfortable change for many.

These adjustments vary in intensity, and very often are out of an individual’s personal control – how then can Mashwire help existing target markets and new and potential audience segments, and champion the digital movement?

These 7 guidelines are our formula when it comes to digital.

#1 – A Consumer First, Human Centric Approach – For every single strategy, big or small, Mashwire adopts a consumer-first approach. We set our perspectives as consumers, run surveys and delve deep to find insights so that our campaigns will hit the mark. Our human-centric approach saw the Nestlé Mom & me – A Taste of Pregnancy campaign go viral, and won us the Engagement Agency of the Year at Marketing Magazine’s Loyalty & Engagement Awards 2017. Now, as we move on to digital, it’s even more important to enhance the ways we reach consumers.

#2 – Scalable Marketing – With scalable marketing, we can meet a range of business and communication objectives, and achieve maximum engagement. Take the Strongbow Limited Edition Miniature Cans and Strongbow Cider Mixology campaigns for example, we continuously engaged the target audience for a new product, and showcased the versatility of the cider variants in encouraging experimentation and crafting their own DIY Strongbow Cider cocktails. We see that scalable marketing for digital is going to be increasingly important…

#3 – A Unifying Experience – It’s important to unify the brand experience throughout a consumer’s journey, because no matter what the strategy, a consistent brand voice and immersive consumer experience are important in delivering impactful and memorable campaigns. Take the example of the launch of Darlie All Shine White Supreme, where we successfully defended the brand leadership, while branching out to social media, collaborations with KOLs, and even the production of a short drama. With a consistent brand message delivered through millions of online impressions and video views, we unified the brand experience at multiple touch points.

#4 – Creativity that knows no bounds – Mashwire’s creative strategies are easily accessible to brands, and effectively convey the brand voice while executing unique campaigns. For Nestlé Gerber‘s Instagram page launch, we crafted a playbook concept that is fun for mummies and also educational for toddlers. We creatively utilised the platform’s features such as Insta-stories by bringing offline materials such as flash cards onto the hands of mommies, where they are ready to edu-tain their little ones on the go! For Jetstar Asia, our online game “Beat The Price” combined digital efforts from desktops and mobile phones, to bring fun and excitement on-ground too. This resulted in twice the amount of time on brand content compared to an average website. Now, we’re excited to roll up our sleeves, experiment in the digital sphere, and see what exciting new things we can come up with!

#5 – Being two-steps ahead of the competition – Instead of replicating successful campaigns’ tried and tested measures, the Mashwire team adopts the mindset of meeting challenges head on and implementing new solutions first. When Augmented Reality (AR) in campaigns and everyday applications was still relatively unheard of, we saw it coming. For the launch of Magnolia – DHA Chocolate Milk, you guessed it – we integrated AR.

#6 – Amazingly diverse work – Mashwire believes in having great flexibility in our campaigns, and the usage of different platforms to drive meaningful messages. Other than Instant Experience Ads on Social Media for Gardens by the Bay, and Branding and Website for Love Bento, we’re knee-deep in our exploration of digital. We’re running fast in figuring out best digital solutions, including our own AR filters…

#7 – Successful integrated campaigns – How does one produce integrated campaigns when almost everything is going digital? This we know, and it’s of utmost importance when you’d like to raise awareness of your products and services, reignite brand affinity, and encourage brand engagement. Don’t miss out! For seamlessly integrated strategies that branch out in EDMs, e-commerce, social media and futuristic digital tools, you can check out our AR filters here, or contact us to find out more!

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