STRONGBOW - Cider Mixology
Strongbow, the world’s no. 1 selling cider, faced a small local market in Singapore and the lack of perceived differentiation against competitor brands. In efforts to increase education, consideration and trial of Strongbow ciders, the brand approached Mashwire.
The agency conducted in-depth research to reveal insights, which was that people perceived cider as a beginner’s drink and associated it with soft drinks. This perception deterred many from drinking cider beyond trial even though they acquired a taste for it. Furthermore, in the alcohol market, the increasingly sophisticated drinkers’ palettes had resulted in the rise of interest towards craft/bespoke alcohol such as cocktails. The campaign then combine both insights to ride on the trend of bespoke cocktails to educate consumers on ciders and change the perception of ciders
To kick off the campaign, we collaborated with a master bartender to develop 8 unique cocktail recipes that were easy to make at home or in the office, with widely available and affordable ingredients.
These recipes were then brought online with Social Media posts such as recipe posts, a collection ad, contests and event shoutouts translated into e-commerce traffic and sales, as well as engagement offline.
The campaign then adopted an O2O strategy, engaging the consumers with curated brand experiences via on-ground events. The on-ground events demonstrated how the different Strongbow flavours and its cocktails can complement different activities, and were successful in the creation of new Strongbow consumption occasions, where more than 1,000 Strongbow cider cocktails were served.
To bring the on-ground experience back online, we engaged KOLs and influencers, who were invited down to events and received a set of mixology kit which allowed them to experience being Mixologists, experimenting with the different Strongbow cider flavours and craft cocktails to impress their fans and loved ones. These experiences were all showcased on social media, creating user generated content to engage more consumers.
Instead of going with the traditional approach of talking about product benefits, the brand’s experiential approach generated much interest and chatter around the cocktail recipes. The brand also achieved a significant uplift in regular purchase, and extended the campaign in 2020 due to its success.

November 2019

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