Three Trends to watch for in 2021
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Here are the 3 marketing trends to watch for the upcoming 2021.

1. Consider Nostalgia Marketing

Nostalgia marketing will be on the rise once again. Nostalgia takes us back to the past, it is familiar and certain which fulfill a core psychological need for security among consumers.

Nostalgia is a sentimental longing for the past, typically for a period or place with happy personal association. Nostalgia creates positive feelings and a sense of continuity for the consumers. People want to remember the “good old days” even if they weren’t so good, because connecting with positive memories from the past helps people disconnect from their current struggles.

The drastic shift in society and lifestyle caused by COVID-19 has also increased the use of nostalgia marketing by many brands. Nostalgia marketing helps brands to evoke strong positive emotions among consumers and gives brands a sentimental boost. Since, Nostalgia is built upon past memorie and significant milestones, it makes anniversaries worth celebrating. In 2021, as the society continues to cope with COVID-19, it presents brands an opportunity to leverage on nostalgia marketing and connect with consumers. Through nostalgia marketing, consumers are given a chance to linger in those good old days memories.

It appears that during times of uncertainty and economic downturn consumers look to connect with happier times to distract from current situations. According to the study, nostalgia marketing was used more during the 1920’s depression, the late 2000’s Great Recession, and therefore should be big in the economic downturn over the coming years.

Thus, brands should aim to connect that positive memory to their brand and that sense of positivity will build an emotional relationship with their consumers.

2. Increase Usage of Ephemeral Content

Ephemeral content is a visual content that is only accessible temporarily, typically 24 hours. This limited lifespan of content creates a veil of exclusivity for brands and among viewers. It leverages on the FOMO – Fear Of Missing Out among consumers. Ephemeral content usually comes in a form of photos, recorded or live-stream videos, product demonstrations. This form of content is widely popular on social media networks such as Facebook (My Day) and Instagram (Stories) which your brands should have already been building on. Just last month, even LinkedIn, the world’s largest professional network, jumped on the trend. Though slightly late to the party, LinkedIn introduced LinkedIn stories last month. Certainly, the content angle for Linkedin would be different, as it would tend towards the professional and corporate angle.

In 2021, you should look to promote and develop your brand with increased usage of ephemeral content. Here is why, Facebook has more than 1.66 billion active users every day, while Instagram has about 800 million. In addition, such content elicits an immediate response from your target audience. Ephemeral content has the ability to create that sense of urgency and need to purchase. Beyond invoking an immediate purchase, it allows your consumers to engage with your brand as ephemeral content can be interactive, funny and exciting, expands your reach, and builds trust with your network.

3. Venture into more Interactive Content

We have been well acquainted with the term ‘content is king’. Nothing further from the truth. But, in 2021, brands must go beyond just content. Content must come alive to engage and connect with consumers. Content must be interactive in one way or another to sustain engagement and conversations between brand and target audience. Interactive content enhances reputation of a brand’s message and hence generates more leads.

Interactive content marketing includes assessments, quizzes, games, polls, interactive videos, surveys, and contests. With many added features and functions in social media, brands must leverage on these tools to their advantage in building connection and relationship with their target audience.

Assessments and quizzes offer value to your target audience as it helps to educate and provide relevant useful information. Contests through user generated content are also a great way to exponentially increase your reach and visibility, quickly.

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