Celebrating 8 Years of Meaningful Relationships
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This year, Mashwire turns 8! As a homegrown integration agency, Mashwire would not have progressed without the partnership with our M8s (mates) – consisting of both external and internal stakeholders over these years, so we sincerely thank you for your support! Here at Mashwire, we pride ourselves in providing bespoke solutions to answer your brand’s needs through integrating the services which we provide, consisting of campaigns, digital touchpoints, and creatives. Till date, we have partnered with over a hundred brands that range from a variety of industries and it could not have been achieved without our vision of celebrating meaningful relationships.

1. Clients

Across the years, we have accumulated varying awards to prove that we are all-rounders – capable of not just selling ideas, but also in delivering tangible results that span across on-ground to viral marketing! In working with clients, we view it as a partnership – tapping on their expert knowledge about their own brand and products and/or services, and then applying Mashwire’s integrative approach through understanding more about the market landscape, target audience, and trends. Find out more about the awards we clinched in 2020 for POKKA’s Houjicha, Cetaphil’s Friends CRM Programme and Strongbow’s Cider Mixology, and see what our clients have to say about Mashwire! A heartfelt thank you to our clients who have trusted us with their brands, we hope that we nurtured your brand and gave it as much love as you yourself have.

2. Working Partners

Based on project specifications and the touchpoints needed to meet your target audience, we collaborate and partner with stakeholders such as production houses and influencers to produce impactful videos and relatable social media content. This is done with the aim to deliver results that Attract, Engage and/or Bond with your target audience. By working together, we leverage on their expertise in technical execution and credibility, while we bring to the table the coordination and strategic integration aspects. To our working partners from the various industries, thank you for collaborating with us on the numerous projects – the results that were achieved would not have been possible without your help.

3. Employees and Interns

What makes us unique is our integrated hybrid organisational structure that consists of strategic planners, creative designers, digital developers, and content creators. Employees and interns throughout their journey at Mashwire are part of various synergised cross-functional teams, specially curated to the different client projects as per skill sets required. This allows your brand’s objectives to be met through effective and efficient execution and implementation. A big shoutout to our ex-employees and interns who have graduated from Mashwire – we believe that each of you with your knowledge in differing fields brought fresh and new ideas to our ideation and executions. Hear more about what our past employees and interns have to say about working at Mashwire.



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