‘Silver’ lining to understanding the Baby Boomers
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There is much talk about Millennials and Generation X, Y and Z – but what about the Baby Boomers? The term ‘Baby Boomer,’ refers to individuals that are between 55 and 73 years of age. With an aging population, it’s no question why Baby Boomers would account for 40% of Singapore’s total expenditure on grocery spending which is also estimated to grow in the coming years.

How can you then capitalise on this and tailor your brand to meet their needs? Here’s some insights about the Silver Generation to help you along:

1. Social media as an employable medium

Contrary to popular belief, digital literacy is on the rise among the elderly. Active government support for digital inclusion is seeing a correlating increase in the older audience’s usage of social media. This is evident with an 8.16% increase in Singaporean Facebook users of 55 years and up and a similar rise in Facebook usage of 7.29% for 55 to 64 year olds.

2. Detrimental effects of stereotyping ageing

The silvers note that they either ignore them or target them inappropriately – using idealised images that are not realistic levels of fitness or beauty amongst their generation. Messages need to convey representative achievable results which will allow Baby Boomers to resonate. Check out our video for Marigold HL Milk where we featured individuals that allowed the target audiences to relate to.

3. Catering for the Boomers’ unmet needs

Factoring in the natural physical and cognitive changes that come with age, brands need to find ways to engage and serve potential customers while considering the possible stigmas related to aging. Think beyond bigger fonts to making age-friendly packaging or customer services and increasing the ease of locating your goods or services. Both offline and online methods can be integrated for enhanced consumer engagement and retention.

4. Move towards viewing Boomers as individuals

Instead of categorising the Baby Boomer generation as a homogeneous group, be reminded that they encompass people with differing lifestyles with different attitudes, needs, values and behaviours. Look towards their perception of themselves and who they identify with – does their chronological age truly reflect such?

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