Creating Effectiveness through Creativity
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As marketers, we all understand that marketing efforts need to constantly be underfoot. Though with the fast-paced nature of marketing, that is impacted by the always-evolving circumstances, we may get sucked into the notion to routine our marketing efforts. What we need to do is to pay heed to how creative strategy can aid in meeting business goals, driving sustainable impact over time. Interested in learning more, continue reading to find out how to amplify consumers’ resonance with your brand through Creative Effectiveness.

1. Commercial Impact through Issues that Matter

Consumers are increasingly exercising belief-driven buying. Thus, it is paramount for your brand to relate to consumers through actively standing up for issues that are important to them. Of course, your messaging would also need to account for and relate back to your own business and brand beliefs and ideals. From which, your brand would be able to reap the commercial benefits by increasing the consumers’ sense of brand affinity.

A case in point was through our Chinese New Year campaign that was executed in partnership with Yeo’s, where our team leveraged on the Asian culture and the emphasis on traditions; modernising it to target the younger crowd.

2. Technology as a Tool to Enhance

With the vast improvements in the technological sphere, martech tools are on the rise. Faced with overwhelming choices, it is pivotal to understand your original campaign strategy and to streamline the tech vehicle of choice. While there is that human instinct to want to incorporate all the latest tools and gadgets for a single campaign, selectiveness in choosing the appropriate technology would allow the message and creativity to be communicated better; being “an enabler of the idea, not the idea itself”.

See how we weaved tech into our campaigns to further encourage user-generated content with Yeo’s for their Moment campaign.

3. Short-term Agile Initiatives to Support Long-term Efforts

While your business and communications objectives may remain mundane, your brand can still grow through short-term initiatives. A shorter campaign, accompanied by creativity, can still allow for great impact – and can be a way for the brand to continuously pivot their marketing efforts while being supported by underlying continual marketing initiatives. What the brand needs to consciously do is to carry out social listening, as well as qualifying and quantifying the results from the previous campaign, and apply it for the next short-term initiative – thus becoming truly agile.

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