YEO'S - Chinese New Year Campaign
With over 120 years in the local beverage scene, Yeo’s has been a brand that is familiar with many Singaporeans since young. However, Yeo’s beverages are often associated with an older crowd due to its local flavours and low/no sugar options, which are preferences commonly chosen by the older generation. Thus, this Chinese New Year, Yeo’s wanted to build affinity and brand preference for its new CNY range amongst its younger audience.
We found that Gen Zs and millennials are often perceived to be uninterested in traditions. However, that is not the case as they do in fact appreciate old traditions, but interpret and carry them out in a different way from the older generation. Hence, we sought to refresh the way CNY is being celebrated so that the different generations can learn more about each other and understand one another. This was done through a social media-led campaign, with the main concept of modernizing traditions. To kick-start the CNY campaign, we brought Yeo’s gift-with-purchase (GWP) marketing approach online, by releasing the redemption schedule of their exclusive CNY cushions on a weekly basis. This served to excite consumers and create a sense of urgency, motivating them to make a purchase while their preferred cushion designs were still available. This GWP strategy was further extended through blindseeding, where numerous key opinion leaders (KOLs) helped to promote the drinks & the cushions to their audiences. We then took a spin on modernizing traditions, through our ‘Huatditions’ content, which includes talking about the ‘Li Chun’ practice on social media and re-creating common CNY dishes using Yeo’s Coconut Water & Soy Bean drinks. Along with byte-sized CNY facts and festive graphics featured in the visuals, we wanted to associate Yeo’s with an important tradition that audiences could relate to and celebrate. This was especially effective in engaging the younger target audience, who were inspired by the ‘new’ ways to celebrate traditions and shared them with their friends across both Facebook & Instagram platforms.
Furthermore, a video commercial was created to leverage the traditional significance and importance of family during CNY. The ad featured a touching storyline where a performer gets reminded of his past as he holds up a packet of Yeo’s Chrysanthemum Tea, a drink which his family has drunk since young. It not only appealed to the nostalgia associated with the iconic Yeo’s drink but also invoked a sense of belonging amongst the audience during this CNY. Overall, the campaign helped Yeo’s to widen its reach amongst both the older and younger audience. With relatable and easy-to-share content, we successfully drove awareness and increased purchase intent of Yeo’s CNY beverages.

May 2021

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