Video Content – An Effective Marketing Strategy
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You are sitting through a Zoom Meeting, you reached out for your phone and started to scroll your social media platforms. You are in another meeting, this time maybe on Google Meet. You shifted your mouse to toggle between tabs, adding in that one change to the document you were working on prior to the meeting.

It is an era of shrinking attention span – hard pill to swallow but yeah. We are no strangers to “Even goldfish have a longer attention span than you do!”. Lo and behold, this is not true by the way. But let’s leave the details for another day. Many of us wonder, if that “fishy” fact presented to us is a myth to be busted, then why does it seem so relatable. Oftentimes we find ourselves constantly on the search for engagement – physically or mentally. Recall the times when we scroll videos after videos on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, anything! While the myth of humans having a shorter attention span than goldfish, studies have also shown that “The average human attention span has gone down by 33% since the year 2020…”. What does this mean for us?

Besides living in an era of shrinking attention span, it is also a time of increased rate of video consumption in the time of the pandemic. This is supported by data reflecting Youtube seeing the biggest growth in audience interest with 43% of consumers spending more time on the platform (surprising huh, even with those ads that we HAVE TO WATCH just to get to our 3 minute video?). Also, on TikTok, there has been an increased usage from the 18 – 24 demographic. Studies have shown that 80% of consumers have consumed more content since Covid19 and video is the type of content that they want. An estimate of 82% of all content creation in 2022 will be in the form of video. By the end of last year (2020), people were already watching 100 minutes of video content on average per day! A common call of concern rising from video content creation is that: Are my videos too long or… too short? Fret not! Duration is no longer a constraint when it comes to letting videos speak for your Brand! “Viewers are willing to watch longer ads (if they’re good!)” In fact, longer video contents could be more effective in lifting brand favorability. On the other hand, some fear their video content running too short. Let’s just put it this way, we cannot and most probably will not expect a teaser or promo video to be as long as that of a “How-To” video – save us the spoilers! The purpose behind each type of video content varies so does its duration. There is no choosing the “correct” duration for video content, it is all about ensuring your video content is able to storytell and that is something your consumers care about.

With all that said, it is not hard to picture consumers’ hunger and demand for content, specifically, video content. How then can we hitch on the shift towards video content and make video content creation an effective marketing strategy? Thankfully, the idea of video content creation is truly versatile. Raising awareness for a new product category? Video content checked! Check out how a campaign video with influencers aided Pokka’s No Sugar Tea Range to gain awareness as well as familiarity amongst consumers. Want to build brand affinity with consumers, video content checked! Documenting a social experiment in a video sent NAN Nestlé Mom & Me: A Taste of Pregnancy into virality and success in building brand affinity with its consumers. Another success story with video content creation, through a short drama, DARLIE – All Shiny White Supreme Launch hit increased consumers engagement! Last but not least, keeping up with the latest trend of different approaches to create video content, see how Mashwire made use of ASMR video to immerse the audience in the sound and steps of an entire tea preparation process. Not only did this approach effectively and creatively introduce consumers to Pokka’s new product, it also provided the audience with a calming and relaxing tea consumption experience to relate to.

In a nutshell, many of us have “graduated” from yearning for static content such as pictures and photos. They say pictures speak a thousand words, well then maybe videos string a thousand frames to speak your Brand’s story – whatever that may be.

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