Understanding Strategies to Bond with Gen Zs
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Despite its young age, Generation Z are one of the most important consumers of our near future with their growing purchasing power and voices. With Generation Z making up 40 percent of the population in 2020, here are some marketing strategies that firms can adopt to cater to this young audience.

What defines Generation Z?

According to the Pew Research Centre, Generation Z (Gen Z) refers to people born between 1997 and 2012. Gen Zs are known to be digital natives, where they grew up in close contact with the Internet and modern technology, such as social media platforms.

“Are you on TikTok?” A question we often hear in order to spot a Gen Z. Over 60% of users on TikTok belong to the members of this generation. TikTok is a social platform where users can create videos that range from 15 seconds to a minute.

For instance, #TikTokMadeMeBuyIt is one of the most popular hashtags and trends that can be found on the platform. It features peer reviews and recommendations on the latest trends. It serves as a reminder on what products to keep a lookout for. Users are able to view these products shared by people they can easily relate to. Thus, this content appeals to Gen Zs as they value authenticity.

Now that we have seen how TikTok has captured Gen Z’s attention, what are some strategies that can be adopted to reach out to this audience?

Strategies to bond and engage with Gen Zs

  1. Snackable and concise content

    Remember that Gen Zs are digital natives and it is essential to create attention-grabbing content to cater to their short attention spans. Members of this generation are often multi-tasking, such as checking their social media platforms while watching TV. Hence, it is crucial to communicate meaningful bite-sized content to meet the needs of this generation.

  2. Focus on social causes that aligns with your brand

    94% of Gen Zs expect brands to address social and environmental concerns. Young people want to work towards a better society and are keen to explore solutions which make the world a better place. To inspire consumers to take a small step towards being more eco-conscious, Watsons has highlighted some of its sustainable practices on their social media platforms. This includes encouraging customers to find refillable options to reduce waste. Businesses can strive to create a better world for this generation by supporting good causes that align with the brand’s DNA.

  3. Authenticity is key

    Gen Zs are interested in conversations that build authentic connections. They are driven to authentic experiences that can be shared within the community. This can be seen in 67% of Gen Zs being more drawn towards marketing done by ‘real’ people, compared to celebrity endorsements. One possible reason for this is that Gen Zs are more likely to relate better with people of similar backgrounds.

At Mashwire, we have included a content angle, Wats’ Your Opinion, for Watsons, which showcases honest customer reviews of products within the community. This offers a wide variety of genuine experiences that Gen Zs can relate to. Not only does it provide an opportunity for the young audience to engage more with the brand, it also helps to form a close connection.

There are numerous strategies that can be adapted to meet the needs of this young generation. Keen to reach out to this audience? Contact us today!

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