Growing Your Brand With Attention Marketing
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With the slew of marketing noise, individuals are increasingly disengaging with brand-related content, as well as becoming more desensitised to marketing efforts. To mitigate the changing landscape and consumer behaviour, how can marketers adapt their strategy moving forward?

The Science Behind Attention Marketing

Underpinning attention marketing is the concept that capturing and engaging your target audience’s attention is pivotal. New studies have found that attention metrics are a better sales outcome predictor than viewability alone. Traditional marketing has constantly veered towards emphasizing an ‘opportunity to see’, such as impression, whereas what a better benchmark would be is a ‘verified human view’ as it reinforces mental availability in the minds of the consumers.

Rules of Attention Marketing

  1. Value

    Research conducted by Lumen showed that when consumers are given the opportunity to view the ad, it does not necessarily correlate with an actual view for at least four-fifths of the time. Though we are not in the age where we are able to verify the actual earned attention given by consumers in the digital realm, certain metrics such as engagement rate and lead generation are better indicators than general reach, impressions and probable viewership rates.

    How can brands then tap into other marketing channels and avenues to engage with their audiences aside from general social media content like posts, blogs, or videos? Peer into what we did when we partnered Gaviscon – an AR filter was the key tool used to educate their consumers about a common lifestyle misconception that the brand aims to bridge the gap of.

  2. Consistency

    As a preamble, consistency is by no means the same as advertising frequency. Here, consistency alludes to creative consistency. After observing over 3,000 eye-tracking experiments, researchers found creative cohesion throughout all touchpoints increases the chance of campaign success. This is due to the fact that the easy accessibility of the imagery and creatives through consistency allows for better memory factors, increasing the top-of-mind awareness of the brand as a whole.

  3. Relationship

    Alongside consistency in attention marketing, brands need to showcase that they understand the needs of their consumers to effectively structure their messaging and communications to speak to their values and beliefs. In doing so, consumers would be more inclined to feel an affinity with the brand and form a stronger connection.

Yeo’s approached us for a campaign in 2020 to tap on a season whereby Singaporean’s nationalistic pride comes through the strongest, which was National Day. Though with the onset of the pandemic during that period of time, consumer sentiment of brand-related marketing was not ideal. As such, our team had to ideate a campaign that would speak to consumers to showcase that the brand understands their feelings amidst the changing circumstances and would partner with them in this journey. Needless to say, the campaign was a massive success with the brand’s social media following garnering a 300% growth.

There are long-term benefits of catering to consumers through attention marketing to be reaped, such as an increased rate of customer retention as a result of stronger brand affinity, and could also lead to recommendation marketing through word-of-mouth.
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