GAVISCON - We Got Your Back Campaign
As the market-leading heartburn and indigestion solution, Gaviscon is often seen as an elderly-centric product since these ailments are commonly associated with those more senior in age. However, we found that most people are not aware that such gastrointestinal issues can in fact occur to people of all ages. They are unable to relate to the accompanying feeling of bloatedness or pain and are thus unsure how to deal with it.
These people often resort to drinking water or sleeping through it to get rid of the discomfort. Hence, we approached this challenge using an educational outreach by identifying 5 common lifestyle habits (such as overeating and having rushed meals) that could trigger stomach discomfort. This resonated easily with the consumers and positioned Gaviscon as the go-to fast-relief solution, which is especially suited for their fast-paced lifestyles. To raise and reinforce the consumers’ awareness of Gaviscon, Mashwire created key creatives that were adapted into point-of-sale-materials (POSM) and social media posts on Gaviscons’ social media platforms. We focused on showcasing relatable lifestyle triggers that would resonate with consumers through Facebook carousel and instant experience advertisements. These advertisements provided consumers with information about the possible gastric triggers and Gaviscon’s functional benefits as a quick fix to these problems. We also adopted an edu-tainment approach through an Instagram AR game, which helped to reinforce our efforts in the educational outreach and engage with the consumers in a fun way. The game focused on bringing awareness to Gaviscon’s instant-relief functions, where players stood a chance to win a giveaway hosted at the end of the campaign. Key visuals that corresponded to the current festive period also garnered the most reach due to its high relatability. While most of the information was distributed directly from the brands’ platforms, we wanted to take it a step further by working with content platforms and key opinion leaders (KOLs) to integrate seamlessly into the consumers’ journey. We did this by working with content platforms to publish lifestyle articles that talked about consumers’ poor eating habits and the subsequent heartburn and indigestion problems that they may experience from it. This helped to re-emphasize the relief that Gaviscon can provide for its consumers. KOLs were also engaged across social media platforms to share their genuine experiences using Gaviscon, which related well with consumers and neatly rounded up our entire educational outreach. The overall campaigns on both social media platforms and the insights shared by the KOLs managed to successfully grow the brand’s reach and followers. It also created strong resonance with the targeted audience as more people became aware and engaged with the brand, successfully establishing Gaviscon’s position as an everyday product that was relevant to their lives.

October 2020

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