Leveraging on Festivity – Marketing Tips for CNY 2022
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Straight out of Christmas, we are looking at Chinese New Year being just around the corner. In slightly more than a month, we will welcome the Lunar New Year. It’s never too soon to start thinking about how we can leverage on the festivity to maximise marketing efforts!

Curating Creative Content

It seems like a go-to and hard-to-go-wrong method for brands to opt for series- or countdown-based posts. Brands are responsible for hyping consumers especially when festivities are approaching. Such anticipatory content is a “playful” approach to encourage comments and conversations. It raises awareness and gets people talking. Try out Instagram’s countdown feature!

Curation of Creative Content should focus on offering valuable content to consumers. In the midst of spring cleaning, shopping, and doing up decorations, consumers never stop searching for inspirations, “how-to”s, etc. to make their preparation process more seamless. This is a good time to “arrive” where your consumers are, serve up helpful and relevant content such as online tutorials, infographics, etc.

Here’s a tip: According to analytics from Google Survey and Google Trends data, two-thirds of Singaporeans turn to Google and YouTube as early as six weeks before the actual event. Some of the searches include trends on fashion, gifting, reunion dishes, etc.
See our works with Yeo’s last CNY!

Taking Advantage of User-Generated Content (UGC)

Hard truth – people trust themselves, or rather people like themselves, more than they ever trust the brands. That explains why brands are so concerned about reviews from their consumers. Take this opportunity to co-create with your consumers, to create a buzz. Allowing your consumers to do the talking by sharing their input on your brands’ platform, this can help to build a community amongst your consumers, providing them with a sense of belonging and togetherness. Plus, you get to save some brain juice while tapping on your consumers’ creativity! See how experience sharing provides an opportunity to expand your brand reach as well as encourage consumers to participate in content generation for your brand!

Value Adding to Consumers with Downloadable Content

Besides the social content to be pushed out on your brand’s platform, consider value adding to your consumers’ experiences during the festive period with downloadable content. A little goes a long way, with a simple playlist specially curated for your consumers, CNY-themed assets such as e-cards and customizable templates, etc. will pay off. In the long run we are looking at top-of-mind awareness and more UGC for the brand from the consumers. With audio playlist being a trend, see how a Spotify playlist relieved consumers’ parenting duties, while adding value to their parenting journey.

Cheers to a prosperous new year! We hope these tips help you and your brand to HUAT (colloquial term that translates into ‘prosper!’) in the new year ahead. Stay relevant no matter the season, start leveraging on festivities to enhance your marketing efforts!

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