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“Are you not infotained?” or “Are you edutained enough?” are 2 frequently asked questions that media providers would ask their target audience. With the entertainment sector and landscape constantly evolving, using social media to grow is no longer an option, but a necessity for businesses.

Social media thus becomes a necessary platform for building brand awareness and success. Increasingly, people are using social media for entertainment and information purposes. We can see that major platforms such as Instagram, Tiktok and Instagram are replacing traditional TV formats, especially for the younger audience. The industry faces stiff competition and businesses cannot afford to miss out on the opportunity to interact with their target audience. With that in mind, how can brands get noticed on social media and build a strategy that drives attention and customers?

Creating helpful content for everyone

Creating helpful content or entertaining content is not always enough to engage anymore. Your marketing and online assets need a combination of both. Infotainment focuses on delivering informational content, while it being educational at the same time. On the hand, edutainment is made up of the words education and entertainment. These two terms are the currently trending terms in the social space. On the other hand, edutainment is made up of the words education and entertainment. More importantly, edutainment transforms from something being native on social media platforms to something that resonates with the target audience based on content type. An example of our past collaboration works with Yeo’s and Ma Guang highlighted how Chrysanthemum Tea is suited for young adults that have a “heaty” body composition. When you entertain and captivate your audience the right way, it helps to grow your follower fan base significantly.

Examples of how it links to consumer’s journey map


Using edutainment in the awareness stage is a great way of attracting new customers by addressing a painpoint or motivation trigger behind their behaviour. For example, edutainment can be used to highlight a painpoint or an experience they face in life and cater a certain product to their situation.


Edutainment in this stage is more important to giving that push for customers to try your product. It is the stage where consumers are well-aware of their problem and know what they are looking for in a product. With many conducting their own research online or on social media platforms to research on their products, infotainment can be brought in at this stage with information presented in an interactive way that builds brand and product credibility.


Consumers are well-aware of their issue and solutions to their problems in this stage. A Call-To-Action on top of the edutaining or infotaining content is needed to provide them the additional push they need to hit on the button.


To convert your prospects to long-term customers, some of them would stay tuned to the brand or research on their own to find out about the product or brand. Infotainment plays a key role in providing sustenance and in increasing brand loyalty. For example, User Generated Content that highlights information about your products in an infotaining way or how-to videos are actually some of the examples that we can play around to communicate with the audience. A bit of community management goes a long way to provide the engagement between brands and audience.

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