How Customer Service Helps To Boost Marketing Impact?
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Customer service plays a vital role in marketing. It is no longer enough to solely promote products or services, but there is an increasing focus on the relationship consumers have with the brand. Good customer service serves as a crucial bridge between the consumers and the brand, paying attention to the consumers’ needs and resolving issues. Moreover, the experience of these consumers will impact their brand perception and impression. These are a few factors to determine if they are returning or a one-time consumer.

Strong customer relationships and exceptional experiences are key to business growth and brand loyalty. They form the foundation of effective marketing, as they directly impact customer satisfaction, brand perception, and overall business performances.

How does customer service contribute to a company’s success and marketing strategy? Here are three reasons to incorporate customer service to your business plan.

1. Fostering customer loyalty for returning customers

A satisfied customer is more likely to become your loyal advocate for your brand. By delivering outstanding customer service, businesses can build long-term relationships, increase customer retention rates, and generate repeat business. Satisfied customers are more inclined to become loyal brand advocates, leaving positive reviews and testimonials that enhance your brand’s reputation and attract new customers.

For instance, Wildcape Manuka Honey partnered with Mashwire to cultivate brand loyalty through a targeted campaign. We utilised a local Facebook page and an e-commerce website to share relatable content. Through Facebook’s lead-generation, we offered product sampling to encourage trial and conversion. Through this, we received many positive testimonials from satisfied customers and they were shared to boost brand credibility, generating word-of-mouth buzz.

2. Leveraging brand advocates for key messages

Brand advocates who have had positive experiences with the brand, are invaluable in spreading important messages and initiatives. By tapping into their enthusiasm and credibility, brands can amplify their marketing efforts and reach a wider audience. This approach leverages the power of word-of-mouth marketing, builds a sense of community and trust, and strengthens the brand’s reputation and market presence.

Hershey’s leveraged on their high brand awareness to encourage meaningful actions through a campaign. Mashwire created a microsite where consumers could complete a quiz to discover their personal love language, matching each love language with a Hershey’s chocolate bar to increase brand recognition. Through this, consumers can see the brand’s efforts in building a community, increasing the brand’s positive reputation.

Read on to find out how Mashwire further enhanced the campaign by collaborating with KOLs to increase awareness and engagement.

3. Differentiation and Competitive Advantage

In a saturated market, businesses need to stand out from the competition. Exceptional customer service can set your brand apart and create a unique selling proposition. It allows you to gain valuable insights from consumers, providing opportunities to compete against competitors.

Nestle Baby Club provides a good example of gaining insights and seizing opportunities. Mashwire discovered that many pregnant mothers felt that they were not understood by their husbands. This presented an opportunity to introduce “A Taste of Pregnancy” to educate them on parenthood. Consumers appreciate the empathy of consumers’ problems and they would believe in the brand as the brand may have found a solution to their issues.

In a customer-centric world, customer service is no longer an option but a necessity for effective marketing. By prioritising customer satisfaction, businesses can gain a plethora of benefits that are crucial for the brand. Investing in exceptional customer services not only drives customer retention but also boosts overall business growth and success.

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