Tips of Writing a PR Angle
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A PR story is not just writing a press release or a pitch to the media. A great PR story helps to connect a brand and the key message to the target audience in a meaningful and memorable way. It doesn’t just relay a brand’s achievements or product announcement, it paints a vivid picture of how those accomplishments impact its customers, and inspire the receiver to want to retell the story to many others.

In a media landscape inundated with countless stories flooding the inboxes of journalists daily, journalists have limited time to sift through this deluge of stories and only a select few stories will manage to earn the coveted spotlight. So, how can you write an attention-grabbing story that resonates with your target audience while captivating the media? Here are three tips to guide you when reaching out to the press in the future:

1. Use the storytelling framework

The structure of the story plays an important role in capturing the fleeting attention of readers. It is a narrative that follows a logical and emotional structure that engages your audience and guides them through your message. To captivate your readers, employ a three-act structure. Begin by introducing your brand, audience, and the prevailing situation, establishing the context, conflict, and the stakes of your PR story.

Next, detail how your brand responds to the challenges, obstacles or risks that they had encountered upon attempting to resolve the issues that the consumers or audiences faced.

Lastly, illustrate the resolution of how the brand resolves challenges and delivers the benefits, outcomes or impact of the PR story. Using this storytelling framework ensures your PR story remains coherent and enthralling.

2. Use the storytelling elements

To infuse your storytelling with vibrancy and appeal, incorporate essential elements such as characters, setting, plot, and theme. These characters could be your consumers or customers where they can be given a voice and goals that are relevant and relatable to.
Similarly, when describing the plot and setting, employ sensory and actionable words to create an immersive environment for your audiences. With these elements, you can enrich your story and amplify its impactful.

3. Use the storytelling techniques

Incorporate persuasive techniques such as quotes, statistics, facts, data, and statements to persuade your audience. These tools wield immense power in drawing readers in and giving your characters a voice, an opinion, and even a sense of personality. Harness emotions to evoke specific feelings or moods in your readers. Moreover, conclude your story with a compelling call to action that urges your audience to take a specific step or respond.

Yeo’s National Day 2023 Campaign is a prime example of a successful PR story. The campaign not only celebrated the nation’s 58th birthday but also marked the soft launch of their newly revamped packaging and overall brand appearance. Its success in capturing media attention, including a feature in Marketing Interactive, demonstrates the potency of a well-crafted PR story.

4. Turning a PR Story into an Immersive Brand Experience Through Media Kits

But what more can you do to make your PR story truly stand out? One powerful technique is to turn your story into an immersive brand experience through the use of media kits. A well-crafted media kit is a versatile tool that can transport your audience into the heart of your story.

A media kit includes a curated collection of visuals, articles, press releases, and multimedia content that provide journalists and other content creators with a comprehensive and immersive understanding of your brand and its PR story. It’s like a treasure chest of information that allows them to dive deep into the narrative and experience it firsthand.

By leveraging media kits, you can create a multi-dimensional storytelling experience that not only captures the attention of the media but also resonates with your target audience. With the right visuals, graphics, and interactive elements, you can transform your PR story into an unforgettable journey that leaves a lasting impression.

Take Gerber KOL Media Kit Campaign for an example, we designed four different and unique media kit sets to illustrate the different stages of a child’s development. This one-year influencer programme had recruited new users and generated interest from the general public with many enquiries on the availability of purchase.

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