Gerber - KOL Media Kits Campaign

In today’s highly competitive market, building strong top-of-mind awareness and consideration for your brand is essential. Gerber partnered with Mashwire to introduce more snacking occasions for children and resonating with parents’ needs and wants as a part of the strategy to achieve this goal. 


Building strong brand awareness and consideration is crucial for any brand to remain competitive and relevant in the market. For Gerber, it was the same, and Mashwire was engaged to achieve this goal. For this, Gerber and Mashwire had worked on a year-long influencer programme to introduce more snacking occasions for children and to resonate with parents’ needs and wants. 


To appeal to different age groups, Mashwire created four unique media kits and collaborated with various parenting KOLs. Each media kit was designed to captivate the attention and engagement of the KOLs' followers. The four media kits were developed to cater to different stages of a child's development.

The Weaning Kit is designed for babies starting out on solids, while the Picnic Kit is for children exploring different tastes and textures. The Gerber and Ladder Kit is dedicated to children who enjoy snacking while aiding in their motor skills, and the Easy Recipe Kit allows parents to involve their children in building healthy eating habits together. 


Each kit includes a selection of Gerber products and fun activities to engage both children and parents.

Over 100 KOLs were organically seeded, and around 80% of them shared their media kits on their social media platforms, generating online chatter among both new and existing Gerber fans. 


Mashwire was able to retain fans of Gerber and maintain top-of-mind awareness among consumers. These customised media kits have recruited new users and generated interest from the general public with many enquiries on the availability of purchase. This highlights the effectiveness of the media, resulting in the programme's success.

September 2022

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