NESTLÉ OMEGA PLUS - Double Action Launch

In the competitive adult-milk and ready-to-drink industries, incorporation of product information and unique selling points (USPs) into key visuals is crucial, but visuals also play an important role in capturing and retaining consumers' attention and can be essential tools for guiding consumers on their purchasing journey.

To generate awareness and anticipation for their new products, NESTLÉ OMEGA PLUS has strategically developed visuals for their social media platforms, website, and header board for their point of sale display. By using visually engaging elements, the purpose is to capture consumers' attention and curiosity surrounding the upcoming new flavours — strawberry and blueberry.

NESTLÉ OMEGA PLUS employed two versions of key visuals to initiate the consumer's journey. The first key visual aimed to convey the deliciousness of the product and its new strawberry and blueberry flavours, triggering interest and consideration and prompting consumers to explore further.

To trigger the final stage of the consumer journey, NESTLÉ OMEGA PLUS introduced the second key visual. This visual strategically incorporated the drink's USPs, emphasising its health benefits and unique features. Additionally, it highlighted the limited-edition nature of the product, creating a sense of urgency and encouraging consumers to make a purchase decision.

Through the effective use of key visuals, NESTLÉ OMEGA PLUS successfully guided consumers through their purchasing journey. By leveraging the power of visuals, businesses can effectively communicate their products' unique attributes and encourage consumers to take the desired action, ultimately contributing to business growth and success.

March 2023

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