OCEAN HEALTH - Probiotic+ Fast Melt Product Launch

Ocean Health has recently introduced Probiotic+ Immune Fast Melt, which sets itself apart from its other probiotic products by being a quick-melting powder with a delightful fresh berry flavour. This innovative product is designed to support both gut and immune health.


Mashwire was engaged in developing a key visual and media kit to generate interest and awareness for this new offering. We began by creating an identity featuring a casually dressed female, which relates closely to target audiences of similar lifestyles and increases relatability. Additionally, in the health supplement category, a visual featuring a human will also help in capturing attention.

In this visual, the female user is portrayed sliding down a track on a Probiotic+ Immune Fast Melt sachet. A striking element is the pink track, symbolising the human gut, with the radiant glow following behind that is a metaphorical representation of the glow of health. This creative conceptualisation serves as a metaphor for how the products contribute to a healthy gut and highlights the product’s USP - a unique, convenient fast-melt powder for those looking for gut and immune health support. This makes the key visual both relatable and visually captivating to the consumer.

To strengthen the meaning behind the visual, we refine the header copy "Stay Strong, Stay on Track,". “Stay on Track” aligns with the consumer’s definition of the right path - keeping their immune system healthy with probiotics. This header copy not only communicates the product's benefits but also prompts our target audience to envision the positive impact of Probiotic+ on their well-being. 


These strategic approaches are made after a clear understanding of the consumer's perspective, keeping in mind what they want to know or see before deciding on a product. As Mashwire believes in a consumer-first approach, we designed the KV with our consumers in mind to increase the relatability hence, capturing their attention.

To create online buzz, we also crafted a media kit that complements the key visual we designed. The exterior of the media kit poses the question "Are you on Track?" as a teaser, hinting at the benefits of staying on track with this product. Within the kit, we included all the relevant USPs to showcase the product's advantages, as well as incorporating a 3D shield to further emphasise the immunity benefits of the product.

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March 2024

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