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YEO’s - Yeo’s NDP 2023 Campaign

In honor of Singapore's 58th National Day, Yeo's is joining in the festivities with great enthusiasm. Notably, this occasion also marks the soft launch of Yeo's revamped packaging and overall brand appearance, a strategic move aimed at revitalising its image and staying connected with younger generations.


To create meaningful experiences for consumers, Mashwire conducted research to gauge their sentiments before, during, and after National Day. The results revealed that many Singaporeans are interested in more than just displaying the national flag; they are eager to explore various aspects of celebrating National Day, such as finding inspiration for decorations and participating in games. Additionally, Singaporeans turned to platforms like YouTube, with research indicating an increase in the watch time for National Day theme songs during this period.


With these findings and strategic intent, we approached Annette, an influential Singaporean singer-songwriter and actress. We collaborated with her to compose a song for Yeo's, to which she ingeniously weaved in the word "can" to establish a clever link with Yeo's canned beverages, all while resonating with the distinct Singlish language frequently used by Singaporeans. 

To amplify the National Day spirit through creativity, we created a key visual that prominently features Yeo's vibrant new look. Each grid consisted of a hand holding a Yeo’s pack or other symbolic item that represents Singapore, such as the National flag and a Merlion toy. This visual serves a dual purpose of showing unity with raised hands coming together to celebrate Singapore’s birthday.

We also developed an AR filter that highlighted the catchy chorus, offering a choice of four distinct backgrounds with National Day elements. We then organised a contest inviting Singaporeans to express their creativity by utilising the AR Filter to craft a music video. A dedicated microsite was set up to compile the video entries, creating a visual tapestry that embodies the Singaporean spirit as more individuals joined in. To foster unity, we allowed participants and other Singaporeans to cast their votes for their favorite submissions at the end of the contest.

The response to the contest has been generally positive, with many consumers expressing their admiration for the collaborative video. The song has struck a chord with Singaporeans, who find the jingle both entertaining and engaging.

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September 2023

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