Hershey’s Nuggets New Flavour Launch Campaign

Exclusive to 7-11 in Thailand and Philippines, HERSHEY’s was launching exclusive new flavours into the ever competitive chocolate nugget category. The flavours include Classic Milk Tea with White Chocolate, Cheesecake with Milk Chocolate and Matcha Milk Tea with White Chocolate. To generate anticipation and engagement leading up to the launch, it was crucial to build excitement and talkability among consumers, making them genuinely interested in the upcoming products.

With this objective in mind, HERSHEY's partnered with Mashwire to create a dedicated microsite where consumers could participate in voting for the next flavor to be released. By allowing them to vote, we not only increased engagement but also made consumers feel like their preferences mattered in shaping HERSHEY's product offerings. This approach effectively heightened excitement and anticipation among the target audience, creating a more meaningful connection with the brand.

Consumers were able to visit the microsite and vote for the next flavour that they think HERSHEY’s will be releasing. Participants could stand a chance to win Cliqq App points and a celebration pack from HERSHEY’s.

In conjunction with the microsite, we also created social media posts to shout out about the poll and giveaway.

After the participants have voted, they will receive an email that their vote is submitted successfully. We collated the entries and announced the winners on Instagram. Guess what the winning flavour was? It was Classic Milk Tea!

Overall, the campaign was successful as we received a high number of votes from consumers in Thailand and the Philippines. 

December 2023

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