Understanding POSMs and How They Help Your Business
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Ever notice any big images or text on the displays or shelves as you walk into a retail store or a supermarket?

These are POSMs, which stand for Point of Sales Material. They are display materials that are used to promote products or services in a physical store. POSMs can include anything from posters, banners, flyers, brochures and more. They also can be used to communicate information about a product or service, such as price, features and benefits.

POSMs can offer a number of benefits to your business. Check out how Mashwire utilises POSM to add values to our clients’ brand image.

Enhanced awareness to shoppers

Imagine this: walking into a physical department store, filled with a variety of brands. How can we tell which product or service is targeted for your needs?

POSMs can be used to create brand awareness as they can effectively promote your products and services. An eye-catching POSM could capture the attention of potential customers as it stands out in the store, creating an opportunity to engage them with the information written on it. At times, it could lead them to find out more about your brand.

Motivates shoppers

Often, as we browse through the shelves, we would be curious for more information about the products, such as its ingredients, ket features, benefits and pricing, which can help us make an informed decision, and increase confidence in the purchase. POSM can also be used to highlight special offers and promotions, increasing the chances of customers utilising them.

POSM helps to convey engaging information with call to action to encourage customers to take respective actions. As such, POSMs not only help to promote the brand, products or services, it helps to make products more attractive and memorable to shoppers, motivating them to make a purchase.

Measuring success on POSM

There are a few ways to measure the effectiveness of POSM.

  • Sales data – by comparing sales figures before and after the implementation of your POSM allows you to see if the materials are helping to increase the visibility of your product, driving sales, and increasing customer engagement.
  • Feedback and surveys – collecting customer feedback through surveys or social media to understand the impact of POSM on their purchasing behaviours. Feedback can provide insights into customer preferences, perceptions, and overall experience.
  • Foot traffic – by measuring the foot traffic before and after the implementation of your POSM can help determine if the POSM is drawing more customers into the store.

In conclusion, understanding the value of POSMs is essential when it comes to boosting sales growth for any organisation. With careful planning and creative execution, you can create powerful experiences that will leave lasting impressions on customers while helping strengthen brand recognition at the same time.

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