Weaving Online and Offline Strategies to Create Brand Awareness
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Closer to home, a Visa study conducted in September 2022 on shopping platforms preferred by Singaporeans revealed that “almost three in four Singaporeans are shopping online more frequently as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic”. Despite these ongoing trends, there is a back trend of shoppers going down to stores to spend their time doing physical shopping.

Offline methods – Why should I care?

According to TODAY, local shoppers in Singapore are shifting towards hybrid shopping, that is, a mix of both online and offline shopping. Customers are looking for seamless brand experiences on both offline and online platforms while shopping. Beyond convenience, customers value personalisation and personal touch they can derive from brands today. If your brand has already engaged in substantial online interactions and amassed substantial online followers, then it is time for you to engage in offline strategies to bring experiential retail to your consumers.

Weaving Online and Offline Strategies to Create Brand Awareness

Online and Offline Methods – Which should take a bigger lead?

When it comes to shopping, many of us like to go down to the store and try and feel theproducts before making a purchase. Online marketing does the storytelling for your brand and product but is unable to replace the value of physical experiences. To reel customers in, consider offline marketing like retail-tainment or on-ground activations, to raise the credibility and attractiveness of your product through first-hand experiences. If your on ground event is successful, this will create more publicity about your brand online.

However, if you are working with limited resources and have a specific target audience, then you may consider letting online methods take precedence. Nonetheless, keep your options open and factor in offline marketing strategies whenever possible to bring your brand experience offline, allowing customers to experience the brand in real life. This effectively delivers a multi-dimensional customer experience which leaves a lasting impression.

How can online and offline methods work together to deliver brand growth?

Rather than think of online and offline methods as mutually exclusive, they can in fact co-exist and complement each other. Online marketing heightens customers’ interest towards a product or service. After their interests are piqued, they would ideally want to experience the product for themselves. This is where offline methods come in handy. The complementary nature of both online and offline methods allows the marketer to develop a content eco-system delivering an intended message to the audience. Hence, brands would need to spend more time and effort understanding the consumer journey to tailor their strategies to customer behaviour.

By combining both methods, you can experience the best of both worlds, boosting brand growth effectively. This was how Mashwire integrated both online and offline marketing strategies to boost brand awareness for a local beverage brand, Yeo’s. Despite the need to take additional precautionary measures, Yeo’s went ahead with on-ground activation campaigns to connect with more customers even during the pandemic. This strategy has enabled Yeo’s to enjoy greater brand exposure and saw an increase in discussions about the brand among the audience.

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