Creatives – An Art or A Science?
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It’s a longstanding notion that data and creativity are polar opposites – data as objective, creativity as subjective. But the truth is that these two should not be mutually exclusive.

A successful creative needs to be able to deliver the intended message from the brand to their consumers and build meaningful relationships. Here are areas that can aid you in gathering and approaching data; allowing you to weave data and creativity together for effective creatives:

1. The Habit of Content Consumption

Research into the target audience’s media and advertising consumption habits will give you a clearer idea of which platform to use for your creative and which will garner the most traction. What perhaps are the routine habits that they have and how can your creative catch their eye, breaking through the advertising clutter and making that impact?

2. The Need to Shop Around for Data

Shopper Marketing can be defined as understanding how your target audiences behave when shopping – be it through online or offline retailers or platforms. The integration of the typical consumer journey and an in-depth understanding of your target audience’s shopping behaviour can help greatly. You will be able to formulate a creative that boosts consumer’s consumption and positively alter the consumer’s shopping behaviour of your product or service.

3. The Subtleties Make a World of a Difference

Neuromarketing is a field of research which analyses how individuals’ brains respond to advertising stimuli and can give your creatives that added push. You might learn that small changes to your creative content can make a big impact – be it sentence wording, colours used or the context of the scenario. They can affect your audience’s emotions or moods. Various neuroscience techniques are present in the market such as:
Creatives – An Art or A Science?

4. So Can You Consolidate Art with Science?

With the data gleaned, they can then act as parameters for your creatives. The fresh insights can be translated to visuals that your consumers can identify and relate with. For our client, The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, extensive research showed a key insight – consumers perceive capsulated coffee to be of low quality. Look at how we broke that perception and created value for their consumers.

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