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In this day and age, most of us are aware of the importance of Content Marketing; the way we communicate our message and influence our target audiences’ purchases with our brand values. In reality, providing high-quality content is essential to attract customers and create sustained interest in the brand. However, many marketers struggle to create a content strategy that generates value-adds to the consumers. This eventually results in a decline in performance, to name a few, such as pages traffic, lead generations and conversions.

The value of building an ecosystem is further increased by simply producing content assets as more thorough planning is involved. For instance, some brands utilised their website as a platform that connects aspects such as social media feeds, blog posts and even SEO to generate a lead. Each content asset is created to achieve a documented brand agenda and align itself to audience needs within a fixed set of brand pillars. Mashwire had helped Nestle PetsPlace create a content ecosystem on their social platform, connecting the various sub-product categories to the touchpoints along the customer journey.

Though it may seem that for a brand to craft a content ecosystem will require a huge number of resources, the accessibility of digital has made building an ecosystem for brands a realistic goal for any kind of business. That said, the presence of digital platforms acts as an important element for any ecosystem brand to be on the top of mind of consumers and provides a good place when it comes to content learning. To name a few, here are some learnings observed from ecosystem brands:

Staying focused on topic themes and brand pillars

Content bridges the brand together with consumers. To grow brand momentum, brands should try to align internally in the type of content to create to ensure consistency in communicating the brand message to the audience. This could be achieved by staying focused on a set of selected topic themes and brand pillars, to associate the brand with specific areas of expertise.

Content Merchandising

There was once a quote by Morris Hite, ‘Advertising moves people towards goods; merchandising moves goods towards people.’ Content merchandising involves the integration of all other contents to build connection and value as part of the larger whole with the targeted prospect to create bigger wins with fewer assets. To increase reach for your content, craft a plan to connect your quality content with other related ones to make it more discoverable for the audience at the right time and moment. Find out how Mashwire crafted a social media strategy for Strepsils – Pick Your Peak Campaign and relate each type of product to an everyday occasion. Ultimately, the goal of content merchandising aims to convert potential prospects to paying customers.

Be A Market Leader

As the marketing landscape is growing, building an ecosystem becomes the key to any social media or campaign strategy. Loyal customers follow brands which position themselves as trustworthy and market leaders of the industry. As such, brands having an extensive content ecosystem that constantly provides always-on content create a sense of top-of-mind awareness, therefore streamlining consumer’s purchase journey. Interested in creating a brand ecosystem for your next campaign? Contact us today!

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