STREPSILS - Pick Your Peak Campaign
Strepsils has a long-established history as a go-to sore throat remedy in the Singapore market. However, it sought to build greater brand love and education amongst its consumers regarding the self-management of sore throat symptoms. 
Through our consumer research, we found that people are not aware of how each specific range of Strepsils can cater to the different types of throat discomfort symptoms. The purchase of Strepsils is often a reactive one as people only buy it when they need it to soothe uncomfortable throat sensations like pain or soreness, but not dryness and itchiness. Therefore, they assume that all types of Strepsils provide a single solution to one main problem: sore throat.
Mashwire wanted to differentiate the brand from its competitors by highlighting how each range of Strepsils is able to soothe all mild throat discomfort to even severe sore throat symptoms. We did this by highlighting to the consumers how sore throat is more than just pain, cough or cold. Instead, mild throat discomfort like dryness and irritation can also affect our communication processes in our everyday lives.
Taking an educational approach, we identified common throat irritation scenarios (e.g. weather change and talking for long periods) that can be relieved by taking a Strepsils. Such scenarios were portrayed through key creatives that were adapted into GIFs and content posts on Strepsils’ social media platforms. This helped to attract attention to its wide range of products and relate its use to each type of occasion.
We also helped to revive the brand’s Instagram page and engaged with its consumers via word quizzes to help them understand the type of allergens that can irritate their throats. Along with showcasing common throat irritation scenarios, this helped to emphasize to its consumers that there is a need to proactively protect their voices which can be accomplished through consuming Strepsils. Each social media post also directed consumers to Strepsils' Lazada e-commerce store to help increase consideration and purchase intent.
To further educate consumers on sore throat management and drive brand awareness of Strepsils, we also created an Advent Calendar media kit that contained the entire range of Strepsils that were best suited for a specific type of occasion. These media kits were sent to various key-opinion-leaders (KOLs) who shared their personal experiences using Strepsils on their Instagram accounts. These experiences resonated well with its consumers since they were able to relate to the authentic stories. Blind seeding was also carried out, which expanded Strepsils’ organic reach and awareness of its product range as pictures and stories of the unique media kit were posted online.
Overall, the series of content posted and KOL experience-sharing managed to create deep resonance with the brand’s target audience, establishing Strepsils as a brand that is relatable and relevant to their everyday lives.

February 2021

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