Five Tips To Creating An Effective Ad
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If you’re in advertising, you will be aware that your ad only has five seconds to capture the attention of your target audience. The first five seconds is crucial because it determines if your target audience will buy into your ad or shrug it off and never remember it.

As an integration agency, we always aim to create ads that are attention grabbing regardless of whether it is BTL or ATL. Here are five of our golden rules:

In this article, we explore hashtags on Instagram and how you can optimise your hashtag campaign.

1. Be clear about your objectives

Design solutions are here to fill gaps. Whether it’s a gap in the desired brand image and the perceived image by consumers or in informing consumers on product knowledge. Either way, graphic designers must be clear on what the gap is or they would completely miss it and fail to create the ad that could potentially influence the audience.

2. Brief the ‘big picture’

Designers often get caught up in executing the brief given to them. We recommend content creators and strategists to take time to explain the objectives and strategy of a campaign. You should never underestimate the impact of a single ad towards the big campaign. That way, the final designs are more likely to fulfil the initial aim and require less revisions.

3. Does it speak to the target audience?

As we enter the generation of Millennials and Generation Z, these target audiences crave for a personalised experience unlike any other. For instance, when marketing to Gen Z, your message has to be short and impactful as this audiences are not willing to pause to read. Involving Gen Z in producing your message can also catch their attention.

4. Your visual and copy are equally important

As the saying goes, ‘A picture speaks a thousand words.’ Your image should be able to convey the message without the use of any copy writing. With that said, the copy plays an equally important role. Keep it short and powerful. It should reveal to your audience the precise message and direct them to take action.

5. You can be trendy yet different

We hear the term ‘Insta-worthy’ quality thrown around a lot and inevitably, it is the invisible benchmark set by everyone! With every agency producing top quality visuals, you can set yourself apart by being different. Observe the latest trends and change it up. Dare to be different to make an impact.

Ultimately, you must remember that an outstanding ad is ineffective unless it speaks to the right audiences.


Now that you’re equipped with our 5 tips and tricks, it’s time to get creative!

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