What does your digital footprint speak about your brand?
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In today’s technological world, brands need to obtain a louder share of voice online to stay visible among consumers. A robust online presence includes having a comprehensive website to provide vital information and being active on multiple social networking sites to engage with consumers effectively. These constant efforts are translated to a brand’s digital footprint.

What is the digital footprint of companies?

Digital footprint is data that is created through your series of activities and communication online. It is the digital trail that your business leaves behind on the worldwide web and social media. Digital footprint ranges from company information on websites to digital behaviours such as comments and likes given on social media pages. There are both positive and negative digital footprints.

Why should you care about the digital footprint that you are leaving?

Digital footprints must be managed carefully and tactfully. Unknown and uncalled for digital footprints can hurt and harm your brand. Inappropriate employee photo tags, unflattering online reviews and negative social media mentions are examples of negative digital footprint. If not managed promptly, these can be detrimental to your brand.

Digital footprints are increasingly important internally and externally. In our internet-driven world, consumers are becoming more digitally savvy, they are highly likely to check the digital presence of your brand online before taking the next step in deciding to do business or making a purchase. Other than consumers, your potential employees may propel or repel join your brand based on the digital reputation you have left on the web.

How to increase your brand’s digital footprint?

1. Ensure a professional and informative website

In today’s age, your brand website is very crucial, this is especially for small-medium enterprises. Your website is the first impression and probably one of the biggest digital footprint of your company. Hence, it is crucial to purchase and develop a professional website.

Here’s a quick checklist for your website:

  • Are the information and content up to date?
  • Does your website communicate a clear brand style?
  • Is your website navigation intuitive and easy for first-time users?
  • Are the visuals aesthetically pleasing and align to brand style?

2. Seamless Integration of social media pages

In today’s social media saturated world and the availability of different tools – Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, Tik Tok, YouTube, the content of these social media pages contributes significantly to your digital footprints. Well-crafted and high-quality content increases connectivity and credibility with your consumers.

Consumers are constantly scrutinising brands’ digital footprints before committing to any product/service purchase. A typical consumer’s journey starts from anonymous browsing, social media, paid search, content management systems, e-commerce and customer database. The whole process is intertwined, with the single goal of conversion.

Yet, most companies lack a flawless integrated infrastructure to ensure smoothness of consumers’ journey. As a result, consumers’ journey is often interrupted or disturbed because these digital platforms are handled in silos.

Thus, adopting a consumer-centric approach, seamless integration and alignment across each social media platform is crucial and essential to build your brand’s digital footprint. With well-managed and integrated social media pages, the digital footprint left behind by your company to reach both returning and potential consumers can be certain to be positive.

Taking ownership and management of seamless integration of social platforms for your brand seem tedious and daunting for a start. But here’s the good news, we are happy to help! Speak to us today.

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