HARIBO - Goldbears 100 Years Anniversary KOL Campaign

2022 marks the 100th anniversary of HARIBO Goldbears, an absolute classic of HARIBO and one of the brand’s most iconic bestsellers globally. To celebrate this momentous occasion, Mashwire was engaged for a KOL marketing campaign to increase consumer engagement and drive awareness of its nationwide in-store promotions through the celebrations.

For the campaign, a mix of both mom and lifestyle influencers such as Qiu Ting (@bongqiuqiu) and Pei Shi (@speishi) were engaged to reach the brand’s intended target audience of parents with young children and young adults. These KOLs were invited to head down to the retailer with their kids for a meet-and-greet with the iconic HARIBO mascot and collect a HARIBO kit consisting of a customised photobook for ‘walking down the memory lane’ together with the brand in its anniversary celebrations.

To avoid limiting the KOL’s creative freedom, our posting brief to the KOLs focused more on the campaign objectives, promo mechanics and ‘Content Don’ts’ without including pointers that are too restrictive on the creative direction. The campaign achieved earned media that was 3x more than what the influencers were engaged for. A total of 249,000 reach was achieved through the 3-week KOL campaign with half of the influencers exceeding their average engagement rate on Instagram, which generated an estimated high 5-digits in PR value for the brand.

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October 2022

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